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Volume 15, Number 9—September 2009


Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Virus A (H7N3) in Domestic Poultry, Saskatchewan, Canada, 2007

Yohannes Berhane, Tamiko Hisanaga, Helen Kehler, James Neufeld, Lisa Manning, Connie Argue, Katherine Handel, Kathleen Hooper-McGrevy, Marilyn Jonas, John Robinson, Robert G. Webster, and John PasickComments to Author 
Author affiliations: Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (Y. Berhane, T. Hisanaga, H. Kehler, J. Neufeld, L. Manning, C. Argue, K. Handel, K. Hooper-McGrevy, J. Pasick); Prairie Diagnostic Services, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada (M. Jonas); British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada (J. Robinson); St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee, USA (R.G. Webster)

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Table 1

Comparison of 8 gene segments of avian influenza virus (H7N3) A/chicken/Saskatchewan/HR-00011/2007 with influenza virus genes from GenBank with highest sequence identity, Saskatchewan, Canada, 2007*

Gene Nucleotide identity % Amino acid identity %
PB2 A/laughing gull/Delaware/42/2006 (H7N3) 98 A/mallard/Ohio/656/2002 (mixed) 98
PB1 A/mallard/Alberta/149/2002 (H2N4) 98 A/mallard/Alberta/149/2002 (H2N4) 99
PA A/snow goose/Maryland/353/2005 (H6N1) 98 A/mallard/Ohio/249/98 (H6N1) 99
H7 A/mallard/Delaware/418/2005 (H7N3) 96 A/environment/Maryland/566/2006 (H7N9) 97
NP A/environment/Maryland/1176/2005 (H3N6) 98 A/GSC_chicken/British Columbia/2004 (H7N3) 99
N3 A/mallard/Delaware/418/2005 (H7N3) 98 A/environment/Maryland/261/2006 (H7N3) 98
M1 A/mallard/Maryland/1131/2005 (H12N5) 98 A/chicken/Korea/S6/2003 (H3N2) 98
M2 A/chicken/Singapore/93 (H10N5) 98 A/mallard duck/Alberta/376/85 (H2N3) 98
NS1 A/mallard/Alberta/30/2001 (H4N8) 98 A/pintail/Alaska/779/2005 (H3N8) 98
NS2 A/blue-winged teal/Louisanna/240B/88 (H4N6) 99 A/mallard/Delaware/418/2005 (H7N3) 98

*PB2, RNA polymerase subunit B2; PB1, RNA polymerase subunit B1; PA, RNA polymerase subunit A; H7, hemagglutinin 7; NP, nucleoprotein; N3, neuraminidase 3; M1, matrix protein 1; M2, matrix protein 2; NS1, nonstructural protein 1; NS2, nonstructural protein 2.

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