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Volume 15, Number 9—September 2009


Merkel Cell Polyomavirus DNA in Persons without Merkel Cell Carcinoma

Ulrike WielandComments to Author , Cornelia Mauch, Alexander Kreuter, Thomas Krieg, and Herbert Pfister
Author affiliations: Institute of Virology, Koeln, Germany (U. Wieland, H. Pfister); Department of Dermatology, Koeln (C. Mauch, T. Krieg); Department of Dermatology, Bochum, Germany (A. Kreuter)

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Table 1

MCPyV DNA in biopsies of immunocompetent patients without MCC*

Histologic diagnosis No. samples No. (%) MCPyV-positive by nested PCR
Papilloma/wart 4 0 (0)
Actinic keratosis 7 0 (0)
Keratoacanthoma 7 3 (43)
Squamous cell carcinoma 6 1 (17)
Bowen disease/carcinoma 4 1 (25)
Basal cell carcinoma 21 3 (14)
Malignant melanoma 12 2 (17)
All skin tumors 61 10 (16)
Perilesional healthy skin 34 8 (24)

*MCPyV, Merkel cell polyomavirus; MCC, Merkel cell carcinoma. All samples shown were negative for Merkel cell polyomavirus in single-round PCR. Six MCPyV-positive perilesional samples had an MCPyV-positive lesional counterpart (3 basal cell carcinomas, 2 keratoacanthomas, 1 squamous cell carcinoma); 1 MCPyV-positive perilesional biopsy had a MCPyV-negative counterpart (basal cell carcinoma); and of 1 MCPyV-positive perilesional biopsy the lesional counterpart was not available. For origin of samples see (7).

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