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Volume 15, Number 9—September 2009


Clinical Assessment and Improved Diagnosis of Bocavirus-induced Wheezing in Children, Finland

Maria Söderlund-VenermoComments to Author , Anne Lahtinen, Tuomas Jartti, Lea Hedman, Kaisa Kemppainen, Pasi Lehtinen, Tobias Allander, Olli Ruuskanen, and Klaus Hedman
Author affiliations: University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland (M. Söderlund-Venermo, A. Lahtinen, L. Hedman, K. Kemppainen, K. Hedman); Helsinki University Central Hospital, Helsinki (L. Hedman, K. Hedman) Turku University Hospital, Turku, Finland (T. Jartti, P. Lehtinen, O. Ruuskanen); Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden (T. Allander); Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm (T. Allander)

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Table 2

Incidence rates of serologically verified acute human bocavirus infections and prevalence rates of bocavirus immunity among 258 wheezing children, Finland*

Characteristic Age group
<6 mo 6–<12 mo 1–<2 y 2–<3 y 3–<4 y 4–<7 y 7–<15 y Total
Incidence 1/26 (4) 9/37 (24) 25/88 (28) 5/42 (12) 3/25 (12) 2/19 (10) 0/14 (0) 45/251 (18)
Prevalence 1/21† (5) 5/37 (13) 28/88 (32) 30/42 (71) 16/25 (64) 16/19 (84) 14/14 (100) 110/246† (45)

*Values are no. positive/no. tested (%). Discrepant results of enzyme immunoassay and PCR results from 7 children were not included (see Table 1 and text).
†Five infants had maternal antibodies (defined as waning immunoglobulin G absorbance values in paired serum samples). Two other infants became seronegative and were considered virus negative.

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