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Volume 16, Number 11—November 2010


Enterovirus 75 Encephalitis in Children, Southern India

Penny LewthwaiteComments to Author , David Perera, Mong How Ooi, Anna Last, Ravi Kumar, Anita Desai, Ashia Begum, Vasanthapuram Ravi, M. Veera Shankar, Phaik Hooi Tio, Mary Jane Cardosa, and Tom Solomon
Author affiliations: University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK (P. Lewthwaite, M.H. Ooi, A. Last, T. Solomon); Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, Sarawak, Malaysia (D. Perera, M.H. Ooi, P.H. Tio, M.J. Cardosa); Sibu Hospital, Sibu, Sarawak (M.H. Ooi); Vijayanagar Institute of Medical Sciences, Karnataka, India (R. Kumar, A. Begum, M. Veera Shankar); National Institute of Mental Health and Neurological Sciences, Bangalore, India (R. Kumar, A. Desai, V. Ravi)

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Characteristics and samples tested for 5 patients with confirmed enterovirus 75 infection, southern India*

Patient no. Age, y/sex Illness duration/length of hospital stay, d Clinical signs† Sample tested for EV75
1 6/F 6/7 5 d of fever and rigors, 3 d of headache, 2 d of neck pain and cough, and 1 d of photophobia. Drowsy and irritable with brisk reflexes on admission. Throat swab and CSF
2 1.5/M 8/8 8 d of fever, rigors, coryzal symptoms, drowsiness, and mouth twitching; and 3 episodes of GTC seizures of 5–10 min duration. Still vacant and communication reduced at discharge. Throat swab and CSF
3 10/F 3/5 3 d of fever, headache, and vomiting; 2 d of drowsiness at home; and 1 episode of GTC convulsion at home. Throat swab
4 8/M 8/7 8 d of fever, headache, neck pain, cough, vomiting, and reduced speech and irritability. Irritable at discharge. Throat swab and CSF
5 8/F 2/1 2 d of fever and 1 episode of GTC convulsion at home lasting 30 min. Throat swab and CSF

*EV75, enterovirus 75; CSF, cerebrospinal fluid; GTC, generalized tonic clonic.
†At admission to study.

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