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Volume 17, Number 12—December 2011


A Pilot Study of Host Genetic Variants Associated with Influenza-associated Deaths among Children and Young Adults1

Jill M. FerdinandsComments to Author , Amy M. Denison, Nicole F. Dowling, Heather A. Jost, Marta L. Gwinn, Lindy Liu, Sherif R. Zaki, and David K. Shay
Author affiliations: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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Table 4

Characteristics of 8 children and young adults who died of influenza and had invasive methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus co-infection, United States, 1998–99 through 2007–08 influenza seasons

Patient age, y/sex Season Influenza type Previous conditions Sudden
death* MBL2 haplotype† MBL production haplotype‡ MBL2 structural
29/M 2004–05 A None Yes YA/O Intermediate rs1800450 A/G
14/M 2006–07 A None No XA/YA High None
11/F 2006–07 B None Yes YA/YA High None
13/M 2006–07 B None Yes XA/O Low rs1800450 A/G
12/F 2006–07 B None No O/O Low rs1800450 A/A
8/F 2007–08 A Asthma Yes XA/O Low rs1800450 A/G
18/M 2007–08 A Asthma Yes XA/O Low rs1800450 A/G
32/M 2007–08 B Asthma No XA/YA High None

*Sudden death is defined as death occurring less than 3 days after symptom onset. MBL2, mannose-binding lectin gene.
†Per common designation for MBL2, A refers to the wild-type structural allele, O refers to any of the 3 variant structural alleles, and O/O refers to any combination of structural variant alleles. Y refers to the wild-type allele and X to the variant allele at promoter locus rs7096206 (the X/Y variant).
‡Low mannose-binding lectin (MBL) producers included MBL2 haplotypes O/O and XA/O. Intermediate producers included MBL2 haplotypes XA/XA and YA/O. High producers included MBL2 haplotypes XA/YA and YA/YA.

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1Portions of this study were presented at the Options for the Control of Influenza VII meeting, September 3–7, 2010, Hong Kong.