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Volume 17, Number 6—June 2011


Multiple Introductions of Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis into Households, Lima, Peru

Ted CohenComments to Author , Megan B. Murray, Ibrahim Abubakar, Zibiao Zhang, Alexander Sloutsky, Fernando Arteaga, Katiuska Chalco, Molly F. Franke, and Mercedes C. Becerra
Author affiliations: Author affiliations: Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, USA (T. Cohen, M. Murray, Z. Zhang, M.C. Becerra); Harvard School of Public Health, Boston (T. Cohen, M. Murray); University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK (I. Abubakar); Health Protection Agency Centre for Infections, London, UK (I. Abubakar); University of Massachusetts Medical School, Boston (A. Sloutsky); Partners In Health, Boston and Lima, Peru (F. Arteaga, K. Chalco, M.F. Franke, M.C. Becerra); and Harvard Medical School, Boston (M.F. Franke, M.C. Becerra)

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Table 3

Strain lineages of Mycobacterium tuberculosis detected in the study population, Lima, Peru, 1996–2004

Lineage No. (%)
Beijing 19 (4.9)
H1 22 (5.7)
H3 22 (5.7)
LAM1 25 (6.5)
LAM3 12 (3.1)
LAM4 6 (1.6)
LAM5 47 (12.2)
LAM9 38 (9.9)
T1 85 (22.1)
T2 19 (4.9)
T5_MAD2 2 (0.5)
U 1 (0.3)
17 (4.4)
No match 69 (18.0)

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