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Volume 18, Number 11—November 2012


Seroprevalence of Antibodies against Chikungunya, Dengue, and Rift Valley Fever Viruses after Febrile Illness Outbreak, Madagascar

Norbert G. Schwarz1Comments to Author , Mirko Girmann1, Njary Randriamampionona, Alexandra Bialonski, Deborah Maus, Anne Caroline Krefis, Christine Njarasoa, Jeanne Fleury Rajanalison, Herly Daniel Ramandrisoa, Maurice Lucien Randriarison, Jürgen May, Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit, and Raphael Rakotozandrindrainy
Author affiliations: Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine, Hamburg, Germany (N.G. Schwarz, M. Girmann, A.C. Krefis, J. May); World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Arbovirus and Haemorrhagic Fever Reference and Research, Hamburg (A. Bialonski, D. Maus, J. Schmidt-Chanasit); Université d’Antananarivo, Antananarivo, Madagascar (N. Randriamampionona, R. Rakotozandrindrainy); Hôpital d’Ambositra, Ambositra, Madagascar (C. Jnarasoa); Medecin Inspecteur de Tsiroanomandidy, Tsiroanomandidy, Madagascar (J.F. Rajanalison); Medecin Inspecteur de Moramanga, Moramanga, Madagascar (H.D. Ramandrisoa); and Centre de Santé de Base Urban de Mananjary,Mananjary, Madagascar (M.L. Randriarison)

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Table 2

Signs and symptoms of pregnant women with IgG against CHIKV from Mananjary and Manakara, Madagascar, May–July 2010*

Symptom/sign No. (%) women with
IgG against CHIKV, n = 144 IgG against DENV, n = 61
Fever 107 (74) 21 (34)
Joint pain and stiffness 113 (78) 22 (36)
Skin symptoms or rashes 87 (60) 19 (31)
Hip vibrations and pain 84 (58) 20 (33)
Stooped posture† 77 (53) 18 (30)
Conjunctivitis 27 (18) 9 (15)
Asymptomatic 30 (21) 39 (64)

*CHIKV, chikungunya virus; DENV, dengue virus.
†Stooped posture refers to the posture that persons affected by strong joint and muscle pains adopt to relieve pain. The word “chikungunya” comes from the Makonde language spoken in southeast Tanzania and means “the one who bends up and curls like a drying leaf.”

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1These authors contributed equally to this article.