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Volume 18, Number 2—February 2012

Association of Human Bocavirus 1 Infection with Respiratory Disease in Childhood Follow-up Study, Finland

Mira Meriluoto, Lea Hedman, Laura Tanner, Ville Simell, Marjaana Mäkinen, Satu Simell, Juha Mykkänen, Jan Korpelainen, Olli Ruuskanen, Jorma Ilonen, Mikael Knip, Olli Simell, Klaus Hedman, and Maria Söderlund-VenermoComments to Author 
Author affiliations: University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland (M. Meriluoto, L. Hedman, M. Knip, K. Hedman, M. Söderlund-Venermo); Haartman Institute, Helsinki (M. Meriluoto, L. Hedman, K. Hedman, M. Söderlund-Venermo); Helsinki University Central Hospital, Helsinki (L. Hedman, M. Knip, K. Hedman); University of Turku, Turku, Finland (L. Tanner, V. Simell, M. Mäkinen, S. Simell, J. Mykkänen, J. Korpelainen, O. Ruuskanen, J. Ilonen, O. Simell); University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio, Finland (J. Ilonen); Tampere University Hospital, Tampere, Finland (M. Knip); Folkhälsan Research Center, Helsinki (M. Knip)

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Table 3

Serologic and quantitative PCR results of consecutive serum samples from a representative child, showing all acute HBoV markers, Finland*

Sample no. Age at sample collection, y Sampling interval, d IgG absorbance IgG interpretation† IgM absorbance IgM interpretation‡ IgG avidity, %§ qPCR, copies/mL
1 0.33 120 0.061 Neg 0.015 Neg
2 0.99 235 0.010 Neg 0.014 Neg
3 1.25 96 0.029 Neg 0.025 Neg
4 1.52 96 0.032 Neg 0.023 Neg
5 1.77 90 0.032 Neg 0.021 Neg
6 2.02 89 0.017 Neg 0.022 Neg
7 2.52 180 0.019 Neg 0.028 Neg
8 2.97 165 0.014 Neg 0.028 Neg Neg Neg
9 3.44 167 1.536 Pos 0.730 Pos 2.8 7.67 × 104
10 3.93 178 2.883 Pos 0.023 Neg 60.8 Neg
11 4.46 190 3.412 Pos 0.035 Neg
12 4.91 163 3.111 Pos 0.022 Neg
13 5.45 193 3.754 Pos 0.033 Neg
14 5.96 185 3.228 Pos 0.020 Neg
15 7.07 398 3.183 Pos 0.030 Neg
16 7.52 163 3.102 Pos 0.026 Neg
17 8.07 198 3.450 Pos 0.027 Neg
18 8.53 165 3.149 Pos 0.016 Neg
19 9.07 195 3.252 Pos 0.024 Neg 49.2

*This child experienced an acute HBoV infection at 3 years of age (sample no. 9), evidenced by: IgG conversion, IgM, low IgG avidity and viremia (boldface). HBoV, human bocavirus; qPCR, quantitative PCR in serum; neg, negative; pos, positive; blank cells, not done.
†The cutoff absorbances for negative and positive IgG results were 0.154 (mean + 3 SD) and 0.188 (mean + 4 SD), respectively (13).
‡The cutoff absorbances for negative and positive IgM results were 0.136 (mean + 3 SD) and 0.167 (mean + 4 SD), respectively (13).
§The low- and high-avidity cutoff values: 15% and 25%, respectively (17).

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