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Volume 18, Number 4—April 2012
Online Report
Peer Reviewed Report Available Online Only

Multidisciplinary and Evidence-based Method for Prioritizing Diseases of Food-producing Animals and Zoonoses

Marie-France Humblet1, Sébastien Vandeputte1, Adelin Albert, Christiane Gosset, Nathalie Kirschvink, Eric Haubruge, Fabienne Fecher-Bourgeois, Paul-Pierre Pastoret, and Claude SaegermanComments to Author 
Author affiliations: University of Liege, Liege, Belgium (M.-F. Humblet, S. Vandeputte, A. Albert, C. Gosset, F. Fecher-Bourgeois, C. Saegerman); University of Namur, Namur, Belgium (N. Kirschvink); University of Liege, Gembloux, Belgium (E. Haubruge); Fontin, Belgium (P.-P. Pastoret)

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Table 3

Characteristics of 40 experts who analyzed diseases of food-producing animals and zoonoses, Europe*

Expert Location Sex Background Country Field of expertise Keywords Categories of criteria
H. Amory Univ F DVM, PhD, University Professor (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine) Belgium Equine internal medicine Internal medicine, cardiology, echocardiography, infectious diseases EP
J.-M. Bouquiau Min M Agronomy Engineer, University Professor (Faculty of Agronomy) Belgium Agriculture economy Agricultural economist, evaluation of losses, farmer, industry, prevision of indigenous brut production EC
S. Brunet Univ M Lic Political Science and Public Administration, PhD, Instructor in Political Science Belgium Sociology Risk sociology, participative methods, interactions science/society SO
Y. Coppieters Univ M MD, PhD, University Professor (School of Public Health) Belgium Public health Epidemiology, health promotion, adult formations, cardiovascular diseases PH
G. Czaplicki Lab M DVM, Head of a veterinary diagnostic Laboratory Belgium Laboratory diagnosis Animal serology, bovine pathology, swine pathology, epidemiology, animal infectiology EP
X. Demarche EuroC M DVM, Administrator European Institution International† Agriculture economy Agriculture, animal health, food hygiene, community expenditures, international trade EC
M. Dominguez FAO F DVM, FAO Global Early Warning System, Associate Professional Officer Italy Animal epidemiology Epidemiology, veterinary public health, surveillance, arboviruses, international health EP, EC, PC, PH, SO
P.-V. Drion Univ M DVM, PhD, University Professor (Experimental methods of laboratory animals and ethics in animal experiments, University of Liege) Belgium Animal welfare Animal ethics, laboratory animals, animal experimentation SO
B. Duquesne Univ F Lic Agronomy, PhD, University Professor (Faculty of Agronomy) Belgium Agriculture economy Veterinarian, consumption, food safety, economy, agroalimentary industry EC
F. Fecher Univ F Lic Economics, PhD, University Professor (Faculty of Economics) Belgium Economy Health economy, social economy, health systems, hospital financing EC
S. Geerts Univ M DVM, PhD, Dipl, EVPC, University Professor (Institute of Tropical Medicine, Animal Health Department, head of the Unit of Veterinary Protozoology) Belgium Parasitology Tropics, parasitology, zoonosis, trypanosomiasis, cysticercosis EP, EC, PC, PH, SO
J. Godfroid Univ M DVM, PhD, University Professor (Professor at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, Section of Arctic Veterinary Medicine; Extraordinary Professor at the University of Pretoria, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Department of Veterinary Tropical Diseases) Norway, South Africa Bacteriology Brucellosis, tuberculosis, cattle, diagnosis EP, EC, PC, PH, SO
C. Gosset Univ F MD, PhD, University Professor (School of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine) Belgium Public health Public health, epidemiology, health observatory, health care, economics of health EP, PC, EC, PH
L. Hallet CVO M DVM, former Chief Veterinary Officer Belgium Control Reportable diseases, veterinarian, rabies vaccination EP
A. Huberty CVO M DVM, Chief Veterinary Officer Luxemburg Control Biosecurity, epidemiologic, surveillance, vigilance, risk assessment, identification EP, EC, PC, PH, SO
N. Kirschvink Univ F DVM, PhD, University Professor (Department of Veterinary Medicine; Unit of Integrated Research in Veterinary Medicine, Namur Research Institute for Life Sciences) Belgium Small ruminants Animal production, sheep reproduction, ovine medicine, pathophysiology, respiratory diseases EP
A. Leblond Univ F DVM, PhD, Dipl European College Equine Internal Medicine, University Professor (Department of Horse Internal Medicine); RESPE scientific committee; ANSES France Equine internal medicine Internal medicine, equids, epidemiology, infectious diseases, neurology EP, PC
M. Lefèvre Univ F Lic Economics, PhD (Department of Economics) Belgium Agriculture economy Development economy, microeconomy, agricultural economy, dairy cattle,western Africa EC
L. Lengelé CVO M DVM, former Chief Veterinary Officer and head of veterinary Services; Delegated with OIE International Animal epidemiology Veterinary public health, welfare of production animals, prevention and control of diseases, epidemiology EP, EC, PC, PH, SO
P. Léonard Univ M MD, Master in Acute Medicine, Master in Internal medicine, Master in tropical medicine, University Professor (Department of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Diseases, Liege University Hospital) Belgium Internal tropical medicine Infectious diseases, immunodeficiency, tropical diseases, emerging diseases, internal medicine PH
A. Linden Univ F DVM, PhD, University Professor (Department of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases, Unit of Wildlife Health and Pathologies); Walloon Wildlife Health Monitoring Surveillance Network Belgium Wildlife Wildlife, mycobacteria, bluetongue, bacteriology, pathology EP
M. Lomba ARSIA M DVM, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Belgium Animal epidemiology Diagnosis, epidemiology, cattle, communication EC, SO
B. Losson Univ M DVM, PhD, University Professor (Department of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases, Unit of Parasitology and Parasitic Diseases) Belgium Parasitology Parasitology, parasitic zoonoses, vectors, biologic control, ectoparasites EP
J. Mainil Univ M DVM, PhD, University Professor (Department of Infectious and Parasitic diseases, Unit Bacteriology and Bacteriologic Diseases) Belgium Bacteriology Bacteriology, pathogeny, genetics (prokaryotes), molecular epidemiology, plasmidology EP
D. Marlier Univ M DVM, PhD, Dipl, ECZM (small mammals), University Professor (Clinical Department of Small Animals and Equids, Unit of Birds, Lagomorphs and Rodents); University Vet Clinics Belgium Avian and lagomorphs medicine Aviculture, rabbit farming, birds, rabbits, rodents EP
Y. Milleman Univ M DVM, Lecturer (Head of Department of Animal Productions and Public Health, Unit of Cattle and Poultry Diseases); Unit of Food Microbiology - Safety and Quality France Pathology of ruminants Cattle, Salmonella spp., pathology of ruminants EP, PC, EC
B. Moinet Wallonia M DVM, Cabinet of Ministry of Agriculture Belgium Agriculture economy Agriculture politics, agriculture economy, ministry of agriculture EC, SO
J.-L. Moyen Dep, Lab M DVM, Head of Dordogne Departmental Laboratory France Laboratory diagnosis Tuberculosis, interferon, immunoserology, ruminants, PCR PC
P. Mullier CVO M DVM, Belgian Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain, Director or French-speaking and German-speaking communities Belgium Control Veterinarian, public function, sanitary policy, epidemiologic surveillance, epidemiologic vigilance PC
B. Nicks Univ M DVM, PhD, University Professor (Department of Animal Productions, Unit of Veterinary Ecology and Ethology) Belgium Animal welfare and ethics Animal husbandry, environment, animal welfare, animal health SO
L. Plee FAO M DVM, Epidemiologist, Animal Health Service (AGAH) and ECTAD Technical Staff, situation officer at the CMC-AH, FAO International Animal epidemiology Epidemiology, zoonoses, risk assessment, veterinary legislation, subacute encephalopathies PC, SO
A. Raskin CVO M DVM, Belgian Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain Belgium Control Classical swine fever, stamping out diseases, identification, brucellosis, database PC
J.-M. Robijns CVO M DVM, Belgian Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain Belgium Control Database management, animal identification and recording, animal products and by-products traceability, control of animal diseases, support programs PC
B. Soumaré Univ M DVM, MSc, PhD; Regional Influenza Advisor, USAID West Africa Office Belgium Animal epidemiology Zoonoses, pandemic threats, epidemiology, risk analysis, socioeconomic analysis PC
J. Tafforeau ISP M MD, Scientific Institute of Public Health, Head of Unit Public Health and Surveillance Belgium Human epidemiology Epidemiology, chronic diseases, health determinants, investigations, health priorities PH
E. Thiry Univ M DVM, PhD, University Professor (Department of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases, Unit of Virology and Viral Diseases) Belgium Virology Virus, animal, emerging diseases, genetics EP
M. Vandenheede Univ M DVM, PhD, Lecturer (Department of Animal Productions, Unit of Veterinary Ecology and Ethology) Belgium Ethology and animal welfare Domestic animals, behavior, welfare, ethology SO
L. Vanholme CVO M DVM, Belgian Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain Belgium Control Zoonoses, reporting, animal health monitoring, animal health eradication, emerging disease PC
P. Vannier ANSES M DVM, ANSES, Head of Animal Health and Welfare France Animal epidemiology Animal health, virology, epidemiology, risk analysis, vaccinology EP, EC, PC, PH, SO
S. Zientara INRA M DVM, Master in Molecular Virology, Master in Epidemiology, PhD, Central Laboratory of Veterinary Research, Maisons-Alfort Topic (Equine Viral Diseases); Head of Virology and of the National Reference Laboratory for Foot-and Mouth Disease, Bluetongue, West Nile and African Horse Sickness France Virology Foot-and-mouth disease, bluetongue, West Nile fever, equine viral diseases EP

*ID, identification; univ, University; DVM, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; PhD, Doctor of Philosophy; EP, epidemiology; min, Ministry; EC, economy/trade; lic, license; SO, society; MD, Medical Doctor; PH, public health; Lab, Laboratory; EuroC, European Commission; FAO, Food and Agriculture Organization; PC, prevention/control; Dipl, diplomate; EVPC, European Parasitology Veterinary College; CVO, chief veterinary officer; RESPE, Réeseau d’Epidemio-Surveillance en Pathologie Equine; ANSES, French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety; OIE, World Organization for Animal Health; ARSIA, Regional Association of Animal Health and Identification; ECZM, European College of Zoological Medicine; Dep, Department; AGAH, Animal Production and Health Division of FAO; ECTAD, European Centre for Transboundary Animal Diseases; CMC-AH, Crisis Management Centre for Animal Health of FAO; USAID, United States Agency for International Development; ISP, Institute of Public Health; INRA, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique.
†International organizations.

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1These authors contributed equally to this article.

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