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Volume 18, Number 6—June 2012

Genome Analysis of Rift Valley Fever Virus, Mayotte

Catherine Cêtre-SossahComments to Author , Hervé Zeller, Marc Grandadam, Valérie Caro, François Pettinelli, Michèle Bouloy, Eric Cardinale, and Emmanuel Albina
Author affiliations: Centre de Coopération Internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le Développement, Montpellier, France (C. Cêtre-Sossah, E. Albina); Institut Pasteur, Paris, France (H. Zeller, M. Grandadam, V. Caro, M. Bouloy); Centre Hospitalier de Mayotte, Mayotte (F. Pettinelli); Centre de Coopération Internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le Développement, Sainte-Clotilde, France (E. Cardinale)

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Table A1

Strains analyzed in study of the genome analysis of Rift Valley fever virus, Mayotte

Source of isolate Virus strain Country of origin Year isolated GenBank accession no. for small segment
Bovine 763/70 Zimbabwe 1970 DQ380174
Bovine 1260/78 Zimbabwe 1978 DQ380164
Bovine 1853/78 Zimbabwe 1978 DQ380168
Bovine 2250/74 Zimbabwe 1974 DQ380143
Bovine 2269/74 Zimbabwe 1974 DQ380173
Bovine 2373/74 Zimbabwe 1974 DQ380159
Human 73HB1230 Central African Republic 1973 DQ380172
Human 73HB1449 Central African Republic 1973 DQ380162
Human 74HB59 Central African Republic 1974 DQ380163
Aedes cuminsi mosquito ArD38388 Burkina Faso 1983 DQ380181
Hipposideros caffer bat ANK3837 Guinea 1981 DQ380165
Micropterus pusillus bat ANK6087 Guinea 1984 DQ380166
Human CARR1622 Central African Republic 1985 DQ380160
Eretmapodites sp. mosquito Entebbe Uganda 1944 DQ380156
Human HvB375 Central African Republic 1985 DQ380161
Bovine KenyaIB8 Kenya 1965 DQ380176
Ae. macintoshi mosquito Kenya21445 Kenya 1983 DQ380171
Human Kenya00523 Kenya 1998 DQ380169
Human MgH824 Madagascar 1979 DQ380144
Human OS1 Mauritania 1987 DQ380180
Human OS3 Mauritania 1987 DQ380178
Human OS8 Mauritania 1987 DQ380177
Human OS9 Mauritania 1987 DQ380179
Ovine SA51 South Africa 1951 DQ380158
Human SA75 South Africa 1975 DQ380175
Human Saudi10911 Saudi Arabia 2000 DQ380170
Bovine ZC3349 Egypt 1978 DQ380152
Human ZH501 Egypt 1977 DQ380149
Human ZH548 Egypt 1977 DQ380151
Human ZH1776 Egypt 1978 DQ380153
Mosquito ZM657 Egypt 1978 DQ380146
Ovine ZS6365 Egypt 1979 DQ380145
Human Zinga Central African Republic 1969 DQ380167
Bovine 0611MeruSouth Kenya 2007 EU574078
Bovine 0094Garissa Kenya 2007 EU574086
Buffalo 2820Garissa Kenya 2007 EU574061
Human 2008/00099 Mayotte 2008 HE687302
Human 2008/00101 Mayotte 2008 HE687307
Bovine An1000 Madagascar 1991 EU312108
Human 3162 Madagascar 2008 JF311386
Human 3163 Madagascar 2008 JF311387
Human 3164 Madagascar 2008 JF311388
Human 3165 Madagascar 2008 JF311389
Bovine 3168 Madagascar 2008 JF311392
Bovine 3169 Madagascar 2008 JF311393
Bovine 3170 Madagascar 2008 JF311394
Human SPU10315 Kenya 2007 EU312147
Human SPU384001 Kenya 1997 EU312128
Human B1143 Kenya 1977 EU312119
Goat 1811Garissa Kenya 2006 EU574068
Bovine 1602Mombassa Kenya 2007 EU574071
Ovine 473Kajaido Kenya 2007 EU574080
Ovine 3644Baringo Kenya 2007 EU574059
Human 004/006Garissa Kenya 2006 HM586975
Human 035/07Barissa Kenya 2007 HM586980
Aedes sp. mosquito 131B04/06Garissa Kenya 2006 HM586983
Aedes sp. mosquito KLF091/07 Kenya 2007 HM586984
Human Tanga001/007 Tanzania 2007 HM586981
Human Dodoma002/07 Tanzania 2007 HM586982
Human HB29 Phlebovirus China 2010 HM745932

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