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Volume 18, Number 6—June 2012


Community Survey after Rabies Outbreaks, Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

Andrea M. McCollumComments to Author , Jesse D. Blanton, Robert C. Holman, Laura S. Callinan, Steven Baty, Randy Phillips, Michael Callahan, Craig Levy, Ken Komatsu, Rebecca Sunenshine, David L. Bergman, and Charles E. Rupprecht
Author affiliations: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (A.M. McCollum, J.D. Blanton, R.C. Holman, L.S. Callinan, S. Baty, C.E. Rupprecht, R. Sunenshine); Arizona Department of Health Services, Phoenix, Arizona, USA (S. Baty, C. Levy, K. Komatsu); Coconino County Public Health Services District, Flagstaff, Arizona, USA (R. Phillips, M. Callahan); US Department of Agriculture, Phoenix (D.L. Bergman)

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Table 3

Multivariate analysis of respondents’ rabies knowledge in Flagstaff, pet ownership, dog ownership, and translocation, with demographic and rabies-related characteristics*

Characteristic Odds ratio (95% CI)
Knowledge of rabies in Flagstaff† Pet owners Dog owners Translocators
Concern about rabies in Flagstaff
Concerned 2.49 (1.21–5.15)
Not concerned
Potential for contact with nuisance wild animal on property
Yes 16.33 (9.98–26.74)
No Referent
Aware of quarantine in Flagstaff during 2009
Yes 4.20 (2.67–6.62) 2.24 (1.55–3.23)
No Referent Referent
Leash policy prevents pet exposure to rabid animals
Yes 0.39 (0.23–0.68) 0.27 (0.17–0.44)
No Referent Referent
Years lived in Flagstaff
>10 3.73 (1.77–7.86)
<10 Referent
F 0.74 (0.56–0.96)
M Referent
Characteristics interaction‡
Age >60 y
Potential for contact with sick domestic animal 0.96 (0.56–1.66) 1.04 (0.60–1.83)
No potential for contact with sick domestic animal Referent Referent
Age <60 y
Potential for contact with sick domestic animal 2.78 (1.67–4.63) 2.20 (1.46–3.27)
No potential for contact with sick domestic animal Referent Referent
Aware of quarantine 5.42 (3.29–8.95)
Not aware of quarantine Referent
Awa Aware of quarantine 1.37 (0.79–2.39)
No Not aware of quarantine Referent

*Characteristics and interactions significant in the multivariate regression analysis, p<0.05.
†Knowledge of rabies in Flagstaff is defined as “yes” if the respondent 1) knew about the outbreak in Flagstaff and 2) knew the 3 main animals that have had rabies in Flagstaff (bat, skunk, fox).
‡Odds ratio estimates for individual terms involved in interaction are not displayed.

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