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Volume 19, Number 4—April 2013


Transmission of Hepatitis E Virus from Rabbits to Cynomolgus Macaques

Peng Liu, Qiu-Ning Bu, Ling WangComments to Author , Jian Han, Ren-Jie Du, Ya-Xin Lei, Yu-Qing Ouyang, Jie Li, Yong-Hong Zhu, Feng-Min Lu, and Hui Zhuang
Author affiliations: Peking University Health Science Center, Beijing, People’s Republic of China

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Comparison of the complete genome sequence of rabbit HEV passed in macaques with that of the inoculum*

Nucleotide position† Genomic region Nucleotide
Amino acid
CHN-BJ-R14‡ rHEV-Cy1§ Position† Substitution
614 ORF1-MeT C T 197 Silent
957 ORF1-Y T C 311 Thr to Ile
1667 ORF1-PCP T C 548 Silent
1875 ORF1 T C 617 Pro to Leu
2706 ORF1-X G A 894 Asp to Gly
3553 ORF1-Hel A T 1176 Silent
3571 ORF1-Hel C T 1182 Silent
3859 ORF1-RdRp C A 1278 Silent
3889 ORF1-RdRp C T 1288 Silent
3972 ORF1-RdRp G A 1316 Glu to Gly
4215 ORF1-RdRp C T 1397 Leu to Pro
4285 ORF1-RdRp A G 1420 Silent
4414 ORF1-RdRp T C 1463 Silent
4427 ORF1-RdRp C T 1468 Tyr to His
4882 ORF1-RdRp T C 1619 Silent
5028 ORF1-RdRp T C 1668 Ala to Val
5531 ORF2 C T 100 Silent
ORF3 104 Ala to Val
5713 ORF2 T A 161 Ile to Asn

*HEV, hepatitis E virus; ORF, open reading frame; Thr, Threonine; Ile, Isoleucine; Pro, proline; Leu, leucine; Asp, aspartic acid; Gly, glycine; Glu, glutamic acid; Tyr, tyrosine; His, histidine; Ala, alanine; Val, valine; Asn, asparagine.
†Nucleotide or amino acid position according to the rabbit HEV CHN-BJ-R14 strain.
‡CHN-BJ-R14, HEV isolate recovered from the rabbit HEV inoculum in this study.
§rHEV-Cy1, HEV isolate recovered from the fecal sample of 1 monkey at 3 wpi in this study.
¶Putative domains in ORF1. MeT, methyltransferase domain; Y, Y domain; PCP, papain-like cysteine protease domain; X, X or macro domain; Hel, helicase domain; RdRp, RNA-dependent RNA polymerase domain.

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1These authors contributed equally to this article.