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Volume 19, Number 5—May 2013


Foodborne Transmission of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy to Nonhuman Primates

Edgar HolznagelComments to Author , Barbara Yutzy, Walter Schulz-Schaeffer, Carina Kruip, Uwe Hahmann, Pär Bierke, Juan-Maria Torres, Yong-Sun Kim, Achim Thomzig, Michael Beekes, Gerhard Hunsmann, and Johannes Loewer
Author affiliations: Paul-Ehrlich-Institut, Langen, Germany (E. Holznagel, B. Yutzy, C. Kruip, J. Loewer); University of Göttingen, Göttingen, Germany (W. Schulz-Schaeffer); German Primate Centre, Göttingen (U. Hahmann, G. Hunsmann); Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control, Solna, Sweden (P. Bierke); Centro de Investigación en Sanidad Animal, Madrid, Spain (J.-M. Torres); Hallym University, Anyang, Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea (Y.-S. Kim); Robert-Koch-Institut, Berlin, Germany (A. Thomzig, M. Beekes)

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Table 3

Products used for Western immunoblot and paraffin-embedded tissue blot analyses*

mAb or antiserum Linear epitope (amino acid) on human PrP Source (reference)
mAb 8B4 37–44 Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Santa Cruz, CA, USA
mAb 5G5 73–85 (25)
mAb 12B2 89 −93 CIDC, Lelystad, the Netherlands (14)
mAb 1E4 97–108 Sanquin BV, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (14)
mAb 3F4 109–112 Abcam, Cambridge, UK
mAb F89-160-1-5 142–152 Calbiochem/Merck4Biosciences, Darmstadt, Germany
mAb 1C5 119–130 (26)
mAb 6H4 144–152 Prionics AG, Schlieren, Switzerland
mAb 12F10 142–152 SPI-Bio/IBL Int., Hamburg, Germany
C-20 antiserum 220–231 Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Santa Cruz, CA, USA
mAb BAR 236
213– 251
SPI-Bio/IBL Int., Hamburg, Germany
*mAb, monoclonal antibody; PrP, prion protein.

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