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Volume 19, Number 8—August 2013


Novel G10P[14] Rotavirus Strain, Northern Territory, Australia

Daniel Cowley1Comments to Author , Celeste M. Donato1, Susie Roczo-Farkas, and Carl D. Kirkwood
Author affiliations: Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (D. Cowley, C.M. Donato, S. Roczo-Farkas, C.D. Kirkwood); La Trobe University, Melbourne (C.M. Donato, C.D. Kirkwood)

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Table 3

Nucleotide identity of 11 genome segments of the G10P[14] rotavirus strain V585, Northern Territory, Australia*

encoding Genotype of V585 Cutoff value† Identity of V585 against indicated strains
Genotype reference strain GenBank strains‡
VP1 R2 83 85.6 (DS-1) 96.9 (GirRV)
VP2 C2 84 84.9 (DS-1) 89.5 (B12)
VP3 M2 81 85.1 (DS-1) 88.9 (MG6)
VP4 P[14] 80 87.4 (A64) 88.9 (B10925)
VP6 I2 85 86.6 (DS-1) 93.8 (RotaTeq BrB-9/SC2-9/W17-9)
VP7 G10 80 86.8 (A64) 92.5 (RVL-Bov3)
NSP1 A11 79 79.9 (Hun5) 80.2 (BP1879)
NSP2 N2 85 87.4 (DS-1) 94.3 (B12)
NSP3 T6 85 92.4 (WC3) 94.0 (GirRV/A64)
NSP4 E2 85 88.7 (DS-1) 90.8 (Azuk-1)
NSP5 H3 91 92.9 (AU-1) 94.1 (RUBV81/Egy3399)

*VP, viral structural protein; NSP, nonstructural protein.
†Numeric values are given as percentage nucleotide identity. Percentage nucleotide cutoff values, genotype designation, and genotype reference strains proposed in (2).
‡Strains that shared the highest nucleotide identity with the Australian G10P[14] strain V585.

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1These authors contributed equally to this article.