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Volume 20, Number 5—May 2014

Chronic Wasting Disease Agents in Nonhuman Primates

Brent RaceComments to Author , Kimberly D. Meade-White, Katie Phillips, James Striebel, Richard Race, and Bruce Chesebro
Author affiliations: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health, Hamilton, Montana, USA

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Table 2

Cynomolgus macaques inoculated with CWD or squirrel monkey–adapted CWD agents*

Disease incidence† Inoculum‡ Route of inoculation Titer inoculated§ Screening mpi¶ Current mpi
0/6 MD-1, Elk-1, WTD-1 Intracerebral 3.2 × 105–2.5 × 106 49, 79, 88, 94 124
0/8# MD-1, Elk-1, WTD-1 Oral 2.5 × 108–2 × 109 97,106,106 124
0/2 SM-CWD Intracerebral NA NA 72
0/1 Normal elk Intracerebral NA 96 NA

*An early version of some of these data are shown in Table 3 of (7). CWD, chronic wasting disease; mpi, months post-inoculation; MD, mule deer; WTD, white-tailed deer; SM, squirrel monkey; NA, not applicable.
†Number of monkeys in which prion disease developed over number inoculated.
‡Several different inocula were used for this study. Each individual animal was inoculated with 1 inoculum. Detailed descriptions can be found in (7).
§Infectivity titers were determined by using endpoint dilution titer in transgenic mice expressing deer prion protein (PrPres) and are listed as 50% infectious dose per gram of brain.
¶Several monkeys were euthanized during the course of the experiment for conditions unrelated to prion infection such as diabetes, neoplasia, hypocalcemia, and behavioral issues. Brain, spleen, and lymph nodes from these animals were screened for PrPres by using Western blot and immunohistochemical methods. No PrPres-positive tissues were detected.
#One monkey from the original oral inoculation group was euthanized at 1 mpi because of a colonic torsion and has been removed from this group.

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