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Volume 21, Number 9—September 2015
Emerging Infections Program

Encephalitis Surveillance through the Emerging Infections Program, 1997–2010

Karen C. BlochComments to Author  and Carol A. Glaser
Author affiliations: Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, USA (K.C. Bloch); Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, California, USA (C.A. Glaser)

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Table 1

Case definition for encephalitis in the Emerging Infections Program Encephalitis Project, 1997–2010*

Major criterion (required): Altered mental status lasting ≥24 h
Plus >1 of 6 minor criteria:
1. Fever ≥38°C occurring ≤72 h before or after hospital admission
2. Seizures
3. Focal neurologic deficits not previously present on examination
4. Cerebrospinal fluid pleocytosis (≥5 leukocytes/mm3)
5. Abnormal electroencephalogram
6. Abnormal neuroimaging (computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging) representing an acute process

*International Encephalitis Consortium case definition requires the presence of the major criteria plus ≥3 minor criteria for confirmed/probable; ≥2 for probable encephalitis (4).

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