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Volume 23, Number 10—October 2017


Poliovirus Excretion in Children with Primary Immunodeficiency Disorders, India

Madhu Chhanda MohantyComments to Author , Manisha Rajan Madkaikar, Mukesh Desai, Prasad Taur, Uma Prajwal Nalavade, Deepa Kailash Sharma, Maya Gupta, Aparna Dalvi, Snehal Shabrish, Manasi Kulkarni, Jahnavi Aluri, and Jagadish Mohanrao Deshpande
Author affiliations: Enterovirus Research Centre, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India (M.C. Mohanty, U.P. Nalavade, D.K. Sharma, J.M. Deshpande); National Institute of Immunohaematology, Mumbai (M.R. Madkaikar, M. Gupta, A. Dalvi, S. Shabrish, M. Kulkarni, J. Aluri); Bai Jerbai Wadia Children’s Hospital, Mumbai (M. Desai, P. Taur)

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Table 3

Demographic and clinical data for patients with PID whose fecal samples tested positive for nonpolio enteroviruses, Wadia Children’s Hospital, Mumbai, India, September 2014–April 2017*

Serial no. Age, mo/ sex PID type Months from last OPV† IVIG
therapy BMT Results by collection day
1 114/F IgG subclass deficiency 60 Yes ND D1, neg; D62, EV75; D214,neg; D250, neg; D419, 
neg; D476, neg; D685, neg
2 42/M Hyper-IgE syndrome 24 No ND D1, E13; lost to follow-up
3 18/M BENTA
disease NA No ND D1, E5; D185, neg; D273, neg
4 30/M CGD NA No ND D1, E14; D10, died
5 54/M XLA 1 Yes ND D1, EV76; D107, neg; D136, neg; D260, neg

*BENTA, B cell expansion with NF-κB and T cell anergy; BMT, bone marrow transplant; CGD, chronic granulomatous disease; D, day of collection following first collection; E5, echovirus 5; E13, echovirus 13; E14, echovirus 14; EV75, enterovirus 75; EV76, enterovirus 76; IVIG, intravenous immunoglobulin; NA, not available; ND, not done; neg, negative; OPV, oral polio vaccine; PID, primary immunodeficiency disease; XLA, X-linked agammaglobulinemia.
†Time from last OPV to first fecal sample collection.

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