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Volume 28, Number 10—October 2022

Molecular Detection of Histoplasma capsulatum in Antarctica

Lucas Machado Moreira, Wieland Meyer, Márcia Chame, Martha Lima Brandão, Adriana Marcos Vivoni, Juana Portugal, Bodo Wanke, and Luciana TrillesComments to Author 
Author affiliations: Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (L.M. Moreira, M. Chame, M.L. Brandão, A.M. Vivoni, J. Portugal, B. Wanke, L. Trilles); Sydney University, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (W. Meyer); Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia, Australia (W. Meyer)

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List of fungal isolates used in study of Histoplasma capsulatum in Antarctica*

Identification Other names Source Location Phylogenetic species Accession no.
1001 1001† Human Washington, USA NAm1 KC990358.1
H18 4745‡/1019†/5-1MD Human Missouri, USA NAm2 KC990359.1
H59 2349†/H-0057-I-10 Human Bogota, Colombia LAmB1 KC990362.1
H60 2350†/H-0057-I-11 Human Bogota, Colombia LAmA1 KC990360.1
H66 2357†/13594/GH Human Medellin, Colombia LAmB2 KC990365.1
H67 2358†/30177/JE Human Medellin, Colombia LAmA2 KC990361.1
H69 2360†/21402/JVM Human Medellin, Colombia LAmB2 KC990366.1
H81 26028‡/2431† Human Panamá Panama KC990367.1
H91 24295/2444†/8123 Human Guinea–Liberia border, Africa Africa/H140 clade KC990363.1
H176 4741†/CBS 243.69 Human Netherlands Netherlands KC990364.1
COL_S_1 NI Soil Colombia LAmA1 MH122835.1
COL_S_2 NI Soil Colombia LAmA1 MH122836.1
COL_S_3 NI Soil Colombia LAmA1 MH122837.1
COL_H_001 NI Human Colombia NAm2 MH122818.1
COL_H_004 NI Human Colombia LAmA1 MH122816.1
COL_H_005 NI Human Colombia NAm2 MH122819.1
COL_H_013 NI Human Colombia LAmA2 MH122821.1
COL_H_014 NI Human Colombia LAmA2 MH122813.1
COL_H_015 NI Human Colombia LAmA1 MH122814.1
COL_H_024 NI Human Colombia LAmA1 MH122815.1
COL_H_025 NI Human Colombia LAmA2 MH122822.1
COL_H_029 NI Human Colombia LAmB1 MH122807.1
COL_H_032 NI Human Colombia LAmB1 MH122808.1
COL_H_035 NI Human Colombia LAmB1 MH122809.1
COL_H_038 NI Human Colombia NAm2 MH122820.1
COL_H_039 NI Human Colombia LAmA1 MH122828.1
COL_H_040 NI Human Colombia LAmB1 MH122810.1
COL_H_041 NI Human Colombia LAmA2 MH122825.1
COL_H_042 NI Human Colombia LAmB1 MH122812.1
COL_H_044 NI Human Colombia LAmA1 MH122832.1
COL_H_048 NI Human Colombia LAmA1 MH122817.1
COL_H_053 NI Human Colombia LAmA2 MH122829.1
COL_H_055 NI Human Colombia LAmA2 MH122826.1
COL_H_056 NI Human Colombia LAmB1 MH122811.1
COL_H_062 NI Human Colombia LAmA2 MH122827.1
COL_H_068 NI Human Colombia LAmA2 MH122838.1
G184A H81 lineage Human Panamá Panama MZ713378.1
G217B 26032‡/1000†/H8 Human Louisiana, USA NAm2 MZ713379.1
01.16 INI_01.16 Human Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Northeast MZ713380.1
24.11 IPEC_24.11 Human Rio de Janeiro, Brazil RJ MZ713375.1
39942 NI Human Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Panama MZ713377.1
S268B S268 Soil Potter Peninsula, Antarctic LAmA2 MZ713373.1
S269 NI Soil Potter Peninsula, Antarctic LAmB1 MZ713371.1
F47 NI Penguin excreta Potter Peninsula, Antarctic LAmA2 MZ713372.1
F49 NI Penguin excreta Potter Peninsula, Antarctic LAmB1 MZ713369.1
F54 NI Penguin excreta Potter Peninsula, Antarctic LAmB1 MZ713370.1

*CBS, Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures (Baarn, The Netherlands); INI, Instituto Nacional de Infectologia Evandro Chagas (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil); IPEC, Instituto de Pesquisa Clínica Evandro Chagas (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil); NI, no information. †Roche Molecular Systems Culture Collection, Alameda, CA, USA. ‡American Type Culture Collection, Rockville, MD, USA.

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