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Volume 3, Number 4—December 1997

Factors that Influence the Emergence or Reemergence and Dissemination of Microbial Foodborne Pathogens and Human Disease

Impact of Changing Consumer Lifestyles on the Emergence/Reemergence of Foodborne Pathogens

Janet E. Collins
Author affiliation: American Meat Institute, Arlington, Virginia, USA

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Table 4

Pathogen control in foods to reduce foodborne illness

Pathogen Control mechanism
Campylobacter Heat foods > 140°F
Proper handling
Salmonella Rapid chilling <40°F
Hot storage >140°F
Cooking >165°F
Escherichia coli O157:H7 Heat foods >155°F
Avoid cross-contamination
Staphylococcus aureus Rapid cooling <40°F
Personal hygiene
Clostridium botulinum Boil food 10-15 minutes
Clostridium perfringens Refrigerate <40°F
Proper handling
Listeria Pasteurization of milk
Adequate cooking

Source: Food Marketing Institute, 1996

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