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Volume 6, Number 1—February 2000


Integronlike Structures in Campylobacter spp. of Human and Animal Origin

Brigid Lucey*†, D. Crowley*, P. Moloney‡, B. Cryan†, M. Daly*, F. O'Halloran*, E.J. Threlfall§, and S. Fanning*Comments to Author 
Author affiliations: *Cork Institute of Technology, Bishopstown, Cork, Ireland; †Cork University Hospital, Cork, Ireland; ‡Cork Corporation Veterinary Department, Cork, Ireland; §PHLS Central Public Health Laboratory, London, United Kingdom

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Isolates of Campylobacter coli and C. jejuni from which gene cassettelike structures were amplified

Isolate No. Yeara R-type IP-profile Isolate No. Yeara R-type IP-profile
Campylobacter jejuni C. jejuni, cont’d
CIT-H6 1997 SpSuTm I CIT-H1 1996 SpSuTm VIII
CIT-H7 1996 SpTm I CIT-P1 1997 SpSuTm IX
CIT-H8 1997 ApSpTm I CIT-H2 1996 SpSuTm X
CIT-H9 1997 SpTm I CIT-H3 1997 SuTTm XI
CIT-H10 1997 Tm I CIT-H4 1996 SpSuTm XII
CIT-H12 1997 NaSpTm I CIT-H5 1997 SuTm XIII
CIT-H14 1997 SpTm I C. coli
CIT-H15 1996 SpTm I CIT-P3 1996 EGSSpSuTm XIV
CIT-H16 1997 SpTTm I CIT-V3 1998 ESpTTm XIV
CIT-H22 1996 SpSuTm I CIT-V6 1998 CCpENaSSpTTm XIV
CIT-H25 1997 SSpTm I CIT-V1 1998 SpSuTm XV
CIT-H26 1997 ApSpTm I CIT-V4 1998 SSpTTm XVI
CIT-P4 1997 TTm I CIT-V5 1998 ESSuTTm XVI
CIT-P5 1997 SpSuTm I CIT-V2 1998 ESSpSuTTm XVI
CIT-H30 1997 SuTTm I C. jejuni
CIT-H31 1996 SpSuTm I CIT-H23 1996 SpSuTm XVII
CIT-P10 1997 SpTm I CIT-H28 1997 CtTm XVIII
CIT-P13 1996 NaTm I C. coli
CIT-P14 1996 SuTTm I CIT-P2 1997 SpSuTm XIX
CIT-P15 1996 SpSuTTm I C. jejuni
CIT-P16 1996 ApSpSuTTm I CIT-H19 1997 SpSuTm XX
CIT-H29 1997 SuTm II CIT-H17 1996 ApCtENaSSpSuTTm XI
CIT-P7 1997 NaSuTm II CIT-H21 1997 SpSuTm XXI
CIT-P8 1997 SpSuTm II CIT-H32 1996 SSpSuTm XXI
CIT-P9 1997 / II CIT-H18 1997 ApCtSSpSuTm XXII
CIT-P6 1997 SpSuTm III CIT-H20 1996 ApSpTm XXII
CIT-P11 1996 NaSpTm III Control strainsb
CIT-P17 1997 ESpSuTm III Escherichia coli
CIT-H11 1997 ApSpSuTm IV [R100.1] / / A
CIT-H13 1997 ApCSpTm IV E. cola
CIT-P12 1996 CtNaSpSuTTm V [R751] / / B
CIT-H24 1997 ApNaTm VI Salmonella Typhimurium
CIT-H27 1997 NaSSpSuTm VII CIT-F 100 1998 ACSSuT C

aYear of isolation.
bE. coli and Salmonella enterica serotype Typhimurium control strains. The former carried plasmids R100.1 and R752, respectively, provided by D. Sandvang (13). S. Typhimurium DT104 [CIT-F 100] was previously characterized by M. Daly et al. (14).
H, hospital isolate; P, poultry isolate; V, veterinary isolate; /, not available or not determined. Antimicrobial agents: Ap, ampicillin; C, chloramphenicol; Cp, ciprofloxacin; Ct, colistin; E, erythromycin; G, gentamicin; Na, nalidixic acid; S, streptomycin; Sp, spectinomycin; Su, sulphafurazole; T, tetracycline; Tm, trimethoprim.

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