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Volume 6, Number 3—June 2000


Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems: Charting Sin Nombre Virus Infections in Deer Mice

John D. Boone*Comments to Author , Kenneth C. McGwire†, Elmer W. Otteson*, Robert S. DeBaca†, Edward A. Kuhn*, Pascal Villard*, Peter F. Brussard*, and Stephen C. St. Jeor*
Author affiliations: *University of Nevada, Reno, Nevada, USA; and †Desert Research Institute, Biological Sciences Center, Reno, Nevada, USA

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Table 2

Sin Nombre virus infection status of sites in the Walker River Basin: canonical discriminant function analyses for Status 1 and Status 2.

correlationa (p-value) Canonical loadingsb
Elevation NDVIc NDVI Stdd Slope Streamse
Status 1 0.41 (0.0003) 0.77 0.52 0.69 0.06 0.04
Status 2 0.53 (0.0001) 0.79 0.46 0.68 0.09 0.05

aThe canonical correlation and its significance level define the overall association between infection status and the indicator variables.
bCanonical loadings for each indicator variable indicate their relative importance in producing a significant overall canonical correlation.
cNDVI = Vegetation density
dNDVI Std. = uniformity of vegetation density
eStreams = distance to nearest mapped stream or body of water

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