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Volume 6, Number 4—August 2000


Isolation of Two Strains of West Nile Virus during an Outbreak in Southern Russia, 1999

D.K. Lvov*, A.M. Butenko*, V.L. Gromashevsky*, V.Ph. Larichev*, S.Ya. Gaidamovich*, O.I. Vyshemirsky*, A.N. Zhukov†, V.V. Lazorenko†, V.N. Salko‡, A.I. Kovtunov‡, Kh.M. Galimzyanov§, A.E. Platonov¶, T.N. Morozova*, N.V. Khutoretskaya*, E.O. Shishkina*, and T.M. Skvortsova*

Author affiliations: *D.I.Ivanovsky Institute of Virology, Moscow; †Center of State Sanitary-Epidemiological Inspection, Volgograd; ‡Center of State Sanitary-Epidemiological Inspection, Astrakhan; §Medical Academy, Astrakhan; ¶Central Institute of Epidemiology, Moscow

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Table 2

Identification of the strains LEIV 27889 Vlg and Ast 986 by hemagglutination inhibition test with immune ascitic fluid and antigens of flaviviruses.

IAF of viruses Vlg 986 Az-1640 Az-72 Az-1628 JE YF (Dakar) St. Louis
LEIV Az-1640 320b nt 1280 160 nt nt nt nt
LEIV Az-72 80 nt 160 160 nt nt nt nt
LEIV Az-1628 nt 640 nt nt 1280 nt 640 nt
Japanese encephalitis 160 320 320 160 160 640 nt nt
Kokobera 160 nt 320 160 nt nt nt nt
St. Louis 160 160 320 160 80 0 0 160
Usutu 160 nt 160 320 nt nt nt nt
Apoi 320 nt 320 160 nt nt nt nt
Karshi 8 nt 80 80 nt nt nt nt
Tyuleniy 160 nt 320 160 nt nt nt nt
Kama 160 nt 160 160 nt nt nt nt
TBE 20 nt 20 20 nt nt nt nt
Yellow Fever (Dakar) 0 nt nt nt 0 nt 640 nt

nt = not tested; IAF = immune ascitic fluid
aIsolates were identified by comparative testing with the following strains of West Nile virus: LEIV Az1640, Azerbaijan, 1967, from Sitta europea birds; LEIV Az1628, Azerbaijan, 1967, from Turdus merula birds; LEIV Az72, Azerbaijan, 1970, from Ornithodorus capensis ticks; 2269 Ig, Madras, 1956, from Culex vishnui mosquitoes; in Eg 101, 1951, from the serum of an Egyptian pediatric patient; and other flaviviruses: Japanese encephalitis (JE), St. Louis encephalitis (SLE), Yellow fever-Dakar (YF), tick-borne encephalitis (TBE), Kokobera (KOK), Usutu (USU), Apoi, Karshi (KSI), Kama, and Tyuleniy (TYU).
bquantity inverse IAF dilution

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