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Volume 7, Number 3—June 2001


Nipah Virus Infection in Bats (Order Chiroptera) in Peninsular Malaysia

Johara Mohd Yob*, Hume Field†Comments to Author , Azmin Mohd Rashdi‡, Christopher Morrissy§, Brenda van der Heide§, Paul Rota¶, Azri bin Adzhar#, John White§, Peter Daniels§, Aziz Jamaluddin*, and Thomas Ksiazek¶
Author affiliations: *Veterinary Research Institute, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia; †Animal Research Institute, Queensland Department of Primary Industries, Moorooka, Brisbane, Australia; ‡Department of Wildlife & National Parks, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; §CSIRO Australian Animal Health Laboratory, Geelong, Australia; ¶Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA; #Department of Veterinary Services, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

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Species description of 237 wild-caught Malaysian bats of known neutralizing antibody status to Nipah virusa surveyed April 1-May 7, 1999

Species No. of bats No. positive (%)
Megachiroptera (fruit bats)
Cynopterus brachyotis 56 2 (4)
Eonycteris spelaea 38 2 (5)
Pteropus hypomelanus 35 11 (31)
Pteropus vampyrus 29 5 (17)
Cynopterus horsfieldi 24 0
Ballionycterus maculata 4 0
Macroglossus sobrinus 4 0
Megaerops ecaudatus 1 0
Microchiroptera (Insectivorous bats)
Scotophilus kuhlii 33 1 (3)
Rhinolophus affinis 6 0
Taphozous melanopogon 4 0
Taphozous saccolaimus 1 0
Hipperosiderus bicolor 1 0
Rhinolophus refulgens
Total 237 21

aSera from 324 bats were tested: 59 sera that gave toxic results at dilutions 1:10 were excluded from analysis, as were sera from 28 captive P. vampyrus.

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