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Volume 8, Number 11—November 2002


Rifampin- and Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis in Russian Civilians and Prison Inmates: Dominance of the Beijing Strain Family

Francis Drobniewski*Comments to Author , Yanina Balabanova*, Michael Ruddy*, Laura Weldon*, Katya Jeltkova†, Timothy Brown*, Nadezdna Malomanova‡, Elvira Elizarova‡, Alexander Melentyey§, Ebgeny Mutovkin§, Svetlana Zhakharova‡, and Ivan Fedorin‡
Author affiliations: *Guy's King's and St Thomas' Medical School, King's College Hospital, London, United Kingdom; †Central Tuberculosis Research Institute, Moscow, Russian Federation; ‡Samara Oblast Dispensary, Samara City, Russian Federation; §Samara Prison TB Service, Samara City, Russian Federation;

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Table 4

Number and proportion of rifampin resistant isolates within Beijing family at each center

Location No. of Beijing isolates No. of Beijing isolates resistant to rifampin (%) No. of isolates resistant to rifampin % of rifampin-resistant isolates
All 94 65 (69.1) 78 83.3
Prison TB colony 40 31 (77.5) 36a 86.1
City hospital 1 18 14 (77.8) 18 77.8
Novokuibyshevsk town laboratory 12 7 (58.3) 9 77.8
Oblast regional TB laboratory 14 10 (71.4) 11 90.9

aFour gave no amplification; numbers too small to evaluate for city dispensary l.

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