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Volume 12, Number 6—June 2006


Co-infections of Adenovirus Species in Previously Vaccinated Patients

Gary J. Vora*†1, Baochuan Lin*†1, Kevin Gratwick‡, Carolyn Meador§, Christian Hansen‡, Clark Tibbetts†, David A. Stenger*†, Marina Irvine‡, Donald Seto†¶, Anjan Purkayastha†¶, Nikki E. Freed‡, Marylou G. Gibson#, Kevin Russell†‡, and David Metzgar†‡Comments to Author 
Author affiliations: *Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC, USA; †Epidemic Outbreak Surveillance Consortium, Falls Church, Virginia, USA; ‡Naval Health Research Center, San Diego, California, USA; §Nova Research Inc., Alexandria, Virginia, USA; ¶George Mason University, Manassas, Virginia, USA; #Virapur, LLC, San Diego, California, USA

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Table 3

Human adenovirus load detected with molecular identification methods*

Method Status No. samples with X co-infectant strains
X = 1 X = 2 X = 3 X = 4
Microarray Vaccinated 0 4 15 2
Unvaccinated 9 16 5 1
Adenovirus Consensus kit Vaccinated 8 2 8 3
Unvaccinated 22 5 4 0
Multiplex PCR Vaccinated 17 4 0 0
Unvaccinated 31 0 0 0
Monoplex PCR† Vaccinated 7 11 3 0
Unvaccinated 21 9 1 0

*PCR, polymerase chain reaction.
†Species-specific PCR from Table 1, Naval Health Research Center data.

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1These authors contributed equally to this article.

2The members of the Epidemic Outbreak Surveillance Consortium are Peter F. Demitry, Theresa Lynn Difato, Robb K. Rowley, Clark Tibbetts, Eric H. Hanson, Rosana R. Holliday, Curtis White, David A. Stenger, Donald Seto, Elizabeth A. Walter, Jerry Diao, Brian K. Agan, Kevin Russell, David Metzgar, Gary J.Vora, Baochuan Lin, Dzung Thach, Jing Su, Chris Olsen, Dong Xia, John Gomez, John McGraw, Linda Canas, Margaret Jesse, Mi Ha Yuen, Robert Crawford, Sue A. Worthy, Sue Ditty, John McGraw, Michael Jenkins, Zheng Wang, Cheryl J. James, Kathy Ward, Kenya Grant, and Kindra Nix.