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Volume 13, Number 10—October 2007


Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus Serotype A in Egypt

Nick J. Knowles*Comments to Author , Jemma Wadsworth*, Scott M. Reid*, Katherine G. Swabey*, Alaa A. El-Kholy†, Adel Omar Abd El-Rahman†, Hatem M. Soliman†, Katja Ebert*, Nigel P. Ferris*, Geoffrey H. Hutchings*, Robert J. Statham*, Donald P. King*, and David J. Paton*
Author affiliations: *Institute for Animal Health, Surrey, United Kingdom; †Veterinary Sera and Vaccines Research Institute, Cairo, Egypt;

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Table 1

Foot-and-mouth disease type A viruses examined in the study

WRLFMD ref. no.
or virus name* Location Date collected Species GenBank accession no.
A/ARG/2000 Argentina 2000 Not known AY593782
ARG/2001 Trenquelauquen, Argentina Mar 31, 2001 Bovine AY593786
A24/Cruzeiro/BRA/55 Cruzeiro, Brazil 1955 Bovine AJ251476
A/CAR/15/2000 Lahore Vina, Vina, Adamawa, Cameroon 2000 Bovine EF208755
A/EGY/1/72 Alexandria, Egypt May 13, 1972 Bovine EF208756
A/EGY/1/2006 Ismailia, Egypt Feb 9, 2006 Bovine EF208757
A/EGY/2/2006 Ismailia, Egypt Feb 9, 2006 Bovine EF208758
A/EGY/3/2006 Ismailia, Egypt Feb 9, 2006 Bovine EF208759
A/EGY/4/2006 Fayoum, Egypt Feb 16, 2006 Bovine EF208760
A/EGY/5/2006 Domiat, Egypt Feb 19, 2006 Bovine EF208761
A/ETH/7/92 Shena, Ethiopia Oct 3, 1992 Bovine EF208765
A/ETH/1/94 Highland areas of Eastern Ethiopia Feb 2, 1994 Bovine EF208766
A/ETH/23/94 Nazret, East Shoa, Ethiopia Mar 9, 1994 Not known EF208767
A5/Allier/FRA/60 Allier, France 1960 Bovine AY593780
A/GAM/44/98 Gambia Feb 4, 1998 Not known EF208768
A10/HOL/42 Groot-Ammers, the Netherlands 1942 Bovine M20715
A/IND/17/77† Tamil Nadu, India 1977 Bovine AF204108
A/IRN/2/87 Mardabad, Kardaj, Tehran, Iran Mar 11,1987 Bovine EF208770
A/IRN/1/96 Zarnan, Shahriar, Tehran, Iran Nov 13, 1996 Bovine EF208771
A/IRN/22/99 Tabriz, East Azerbaijan Province, Iran 1999 Bovine EF208772
A/IRN/1/2005 Ghalch-Sadri, Qom, Qom Province, Iran Apr 4, 2005 Bovine EF208769
A22/IRQ/24/64 Mosul, Iraq 1964 Bovine AJ251474
A21/Lumbwa/KEN/64 Lumbwa, Kenya 1964 Bovine AY593761
A23/Kitale/KEN/64 Kitale, Kenya 1964 Bovine AY593766
A/KEN/15/98 Meru, Kenya Sep 8, 1998 Bovine EF208774
A/KEN/16/98A Nakuru, Kenya Sep 15, 1998 Bovine EF208775
A/KEN/29/2005 Embu, Eastern Province, Kenya Aug 24, 2005 Bovine EF208773
A/MAI/2/97 Mali Not known Not known EF208776
A15/Bangkok/TAI/60 Bangkok, Thailand 1960 Bovine AY593755
A/TAI/118/87† Sara Buri, Thailand 1987 Not known EF208777
A/TAI/2/97 Thailand 1997 Not known EF208778
A12/UK/119/32 Kent, United Kingdom 1932 Bovine AY593752

*WRLFMD, World Reference Laboratory for Foot-and-Mouth Disease.
†Not a WRLFMD reference no.

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