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Volume 13, Number 8—August 2007


Rotavirus G5P[6] in Child with Diarrhea, Vietnam

Kamruddin Ahmed*Comments to Author , Dang Duc Anh†, and Osamu Nakagomi*
Author affiliations: *Nagasaki University Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Nagasaki, Japan; †National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, Hanoi, Vietnam;

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Table 1

Percentage identity of amino acid and nucleotide sequences of VP7 genes of KH210 and selected rotavirus G5 strains*

Strain Species (country) Deduced amino acid identity, % Nucleotide identity, %
MRC 3105† Human (Cameroon) 92 89
IAL-28 Human (Brazil) 91 85
CC117 Porcine (Argentina) 93 86
C134 Porcine (Argentina) 93 86
TFR-41 Porcine (Australia) 93 NA‡
JL94 Porcine (People’s Republic of China) 91 85
OSU Porcine (USA) 91 84
A34 Porcine (Venezuela) 92 84
A46 Porcine (Venezuela) 92 82
134/04–15 Porcine (Italy) 91 83
H1 Equine (USA) 91 85

*GenBank accession nos.: MRC3105/2000, AY327107; IAL-28, L79916; CC117, L35056; C134, L35058; TFR-41, P32547; JL94, AY538665; OSU, X04613; A34, L35059; A46, L35054; 134/04–15, DQ062572; H1, AF242393.
†Partial sequence.
‡NA, not available.

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