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Volume 13, Number 9—September 2007


Anaplasma platys in Dogs, Chile

Katia Abarca*Comments to Author , Javier López†‡, Cecilia Perret*, Javier Guerrero†, Paula Godoy*, Ana Veloz*, Fernando Valiente-Echeverría*, Ursula León*, Constanza Gutjahr†, and Teresa Azócar*
Author affiliations: *Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago, Chile; †Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Universidad Santo Tomás, Santiago, Chile; ‡Alcántara Veterinary Clinic, Santiago, Chile;

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Table 2

Nucleotide sequence differences among groESL genes from different strains of Anaplasma platys

Similarity,* %
Nucleotide position†
A. platys Sommieres 100 G A C
A. platys Lara 100
A. platys RDC 100
A. platys Okinawa 100
A. platys Louisiana 99.7 G T
Dog 17 99.8 T
Dog 23 99.8 T
Dog 25 99.8 T

*Percentages of nucleotide sequence identities for 686-bp region determined from pairwise alignment.
†Nucleotide positions of A. platys Sommieres strain, GenBank accession no. AY0441621. –, same base as the type strain.

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