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Volume 17, Number 10—October 2011


Novel Arenavirus, Zambia

Akihiro IshiiComments to Author , Yuka Thomas, Ladslav Moonga, Ichiro Nakamura, Aiko Ohnuma, Bernard M. Hang’ombe, Ayato Takada, Aaron S. Mweene, and Hirofumi Sawa
Author affiliations: Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan (A. Ishii, Y. Thomas, I. Nakamura, A. Ohnuma, A. Takada, H. Sawa); University of Zambia, Lusaka, Zambia (A. Ishii, Y. Thomas, L. Moonga, I. Nakamura, B. Hang’ombe, A. Takada, A. Mweene, H. Sawa)

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Table 1

Nucleotide sequence comparison among Old World arenaviruses*

Strain Lusaka Namwala MOBV MORV MOPV LASV LUJV
Lusaka 0
Namwala 0.130 0
MOBV 0.365 0.367 0
MORV 0.372 0.365 0.392 0
MOPV 0.375 0.385 0.388 0.279 0
LASV 0.406 0.406 0.413 0.434 0.417 0
LUJV 0.640 0.646 0.667 0.670 0.654 0.666 0

*MOBV, Mobala virus (GenBank accession no. NC_007903); MORV, Morogoro virus (NC_013057); MOPV, Mopeia virus (NC_006575); LASV, Lassa virus (NC_004296); LUJV, Lujo virus (FJ952384). The number of nucleotide substitutions per site is shown. The small segment nucleotide sequences from 7 arenavirus strains were analyzed. All positions containing gaps and missing data were eliminated. The final dataset comprised 3,130 positions.

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