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Volume 17, Number 2—February 2011


Transmission of Armillifer armillatus Ova at Snake Farm, The Gambia, West Africa

Dennis TappeComments to Author , Michael Meyer, Anett Oesterlein, Assan Jaye, Matthias Frosch, Christoph Schoen, and Nikola Pantchev
Author affiliations: Author affiliations: University of Würzburg, Würzburg, Germany (D. Tappe, A. Oesterlein, M. Frosch, C. Schoen); Touray and Meyer Veterinary Clinic, Bijilo, The Gambia (M. Meyer); Medical Research Council Laboratories, Fajara, The Gambia (A. Jaye); Veterinary Medical Laboratory, Ludwigsburg, Germany (N. Pantchev)

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Sequences used for phylogenetic inferences of Armillifer armillatus, The Gambia, 2009–2010

Species and/or genera used GenBank accession no.
18S rRNA gene PCR
A. armillatus (samples 1–4) HM756289 (this study)
A. agkistrodontis FJ607339.1
Porocephalus crotali M29931.1
Linguatula serrata FJ528908.1
Raillietiella sp. AY744887.1, EU370434.1
Reighardia sternae AY304521.1
Hispania vulturis AY304520.1
Argulus sp. DQ531766.1
Thermobia sp. AY338726.1
Rhopalophthalmus sp. AM422488.1
Gonodactylus sp. L81947.1
Squilla empusa
Cytochrome oxidase gene PCR
A. armillatus AY456186.1
A. agkistrodontis FJ607340.1
Speleonectes tulumensis AY456190.1
Argulus americanus AY456187.1
Artemia franciscana NC_001620.1
Lithobius forficatus AF309492.1
Limulus polyphemus NC_003057.1
Thermobia domestica AY639935.1
Panulirus japonicus NC_004251.1
Gonodactylus chiragra NC_007442.1
Pollicipes polymerus NC_005936.1
Hutchinsonella macracantha AY456189.1
S. empusa NC_007444.1

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