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Volume 18, Number 2—February 2012


Disseminated Infection Caused by Novel Species of Microsporidium, Thailand

Chusana SuankratayComments to Author , Ekkachai Thiansukhon, Voraphoj Nilaratanakul, Chaturong Putaporntip, and Somchai Jongwutiwes
Author affiliations: Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

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Table A1

Characteristics of 12 patients with microsporidial myositis*

Patient no. Age/sex Country Year Clinical features Illness duration Tissues and organs involved HIV status CD4 count/μL Species Treatment Outcome
1 4 mo/M United States 1973 Fever, weakness 4 mo Heart and striated muscle NA NA Brachiola connori NA Died
2 20 y/M United States 1985 Fever, weakness, lympadenopathy, testicular atrophy, gynecomastia, sinusitis 7 mo Striated muscle NA Pleistophora raronneafiei CTX Survived >4 mo
3 33 y/M Haiti 1993 Fever, weakness, weight loss, co-infected with Norcardia sp. 2 mo Heart and striated muscle AIDS NA Trachipliestophora sp. PYM Died
4 35 y/M The Gambia 1996 Fever, weakness, anemia NA Striated muscle AIDS 57 Trachipliestophora sp. CLI NA
5 34 y/M Australia 1996 Fever, weakness, keratitis, sinusitis 3 mo Striated muscle, cornea, sinus AIDS 6 T. hominis NA Partial recovery; died of HIV infection
6 33 y/M United States 1996 Fever, hemiparesis, seizures 2 mo Heart, striated muscle, brain, bone, viscera AIDS 2 T. anthropophthera ABZ, PYM, SDZ Died
7 8 y/F United States 1996 Weakness, seizures, aphasia, dyspnea 4 mo Heart, striated muscle, brain, bone, viscera AIDS NA T. anthropophthera Agents for toxoplasmosis Died
8 31 y/M United States 1998 Fever, weakness 5 mo Striated muscle AIDS 35 B. vesicularum PYM, SDZ, ABZ, ITZ Complete recovery, died of viral pneumonitis
9 67 y/F United States 2004 Fever, weakness, co-infected with Pneumocystis sp.) 6 wk Striated muscle NA B. algerae ABZ, CLI, ATQ, ITZ Died
10 47 y/M Australia 2005 Weakness, co-infected with Burkholderia pseudomallei, MAC infections NA Striated muscle AIDS 30 T. hominis None Suicide
11 67 y/F United States 2011 Fever, tongue lesions 5 mo Striated muscle NA Tubulinosema acridophagus ABZ Died of CLL
12 43 y/M Thailand 2011 Fever, weakness, pulmonary hypertension 15 mo Striated muscle, bone marrow, kidney, bladder 368 Microsporidium sp. ABZ Died of aspiration pneumonia

*NA, not available, –, negative; CTX, cotrimoxazole; PYM, pyrimethamine; CLI, clindamycin; ABZ, albendazole; SDZ, sulfadiazine; ITZ, itraconazole; ATQ, atovaquone; MAC, Mycobacterium avium complex; CLL, chronic lyphocytic leukemia.

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