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Volume 18, Number 5—May 2012


Characterization of Virulent West Nile Virus Kunjin Strain, Australia, 2011

Melinda J. Frost1, Jing Zhang1, Judith H. Edmonds1, Natalie A. Prow1, Xingnian Gu, Rodney Davis, Christine Hornitzky, Kathleen E. Arzey, Deborah Finlaison, Paul Hick, Andrew Read, Jody Hobson-Peters, Fiona J. May, Stephen L. Doggett, John Haniotis, Richard C. Russell, Roy A. Hall2, Alexander A. Khromykh2, and Peter D. Kirkland2Comments to Author 
Author affiliations: Elizabeth Macarthur Agriculture Institute, Menangle, New South Wales, Australia (M.J. Frost, J. Zhang, X. Gu, R. Davis, C. Hornitzky, K.E. Arzey, D. Finlaison, P. Hick, A. Read, P.D. Kirkland); The University of Queensland, St Lucia, Queensland, Australia (J.H. Edmonds, N.A Prow, J. Hobson-Peters, F.J. May, R.A. Hall, A. A. Khromykh); University of Sydney and Westmead Hospital, Westmead, New South Wales, Australia (S.L. Doggett, J. Haniotis, R.C. Russell)

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Table A1

Amino acid differences between WNV prototype Kunjin MRM61C, NY99, and NSW11 strains*

Polyprotein and aa position in polyprotein (position in individual protein) WNV strain (GenBank accession no.)
No. aa differences†
MRM61C AY274504.1) NY99 4132 (HQ596519) NSW2011 (JN887352)
28 T I I  
41 R K R 2(0):2(2):4(2)
44 T I I  
71 S G S  
108(3) K K R  
113(8) F V F  
114(9) M M T  
120(15) G S G  
143(38) T T A 6(5):10(7):7(3)
145(40) I V I  
158(53) I I T  
166(61) H Y Y  
195(90) L S L  
228(123) S A S  
279(174) A V T  
334(44) K K R  
357(67) E D E  
379(89) S A S  
383(93) K R K  
416(126) T I T  
446(156) F S S  
449(159) T V T 3(1):15(7):14(8)
452(162) A T A  
489(199) S N S  
519(229) E G E  
521(231) N T N  
600(310) R K R  
628(338) I V I  
655(365) S A S  
700(410) A T A  
773(483) L L F  
837(46) I I V  
879(88) I V I  
893(102) R K R  
926(135) I V I  
937(146) Q Q R  
961(170) R K R  
997(206) F L L 5(2):12(2):9(0)
1027(236) V I V  
1036(245) I V I  
1055(264) S N S  
1081(290) S S N  
1089(298) T T I  
1118(327) N S N  
1255(112) A V V  
1262(119) Y H Y  
1272(129) M I I  
1311(168) C R C 5(0):5(2):6(2)
1326(183) I I V  
1330(187) I I M  
1355(212) F L F  
1366(223) V I I  
1400(26) I I M  
1438(64) G S S 2(1):2(0):2(1)
1477(103) A V A  
1520(15) R K K  
1615(110) Q R Q  
1680(174) V I V  
1754(249) A P A  
1809(303) R K R  
1836(331) A S A 3(0):12(6):11(6)
1861(356) I T I  
1887(382) K K R  
1889(383) I V I  
1912(406) V I V  
1970(465) N N S  
1991(486) C F C  
2115(610) S A S  
2129(5) F L F  
2179(55) A A T  
2209(85) V A V  
2213(89) A V A 2(2):5(1):5(1)
2265(141) L M L  
2269(145) G S S  
2288(15) G S G  
2296(23) T V I  
2302(29) I M I  
2324(50) V V F  
2334(60) T T M 7(4):11(5):7(3)
2368(94) A A S  
2387(114) S A S  
2389(116) T T A  
2449(176) V I V  
2450(177) M M I  
2459(186) L V L  
2518(245) V I I  
2553(25) I T I  
2561(33) T I T  
2575(47) R G R  
2577(48) I V V  
2629(101) R R K  
2690(162) L I L  
2705(177) K R K 7(3):15(7):12(8)
2711(183) V V I  
2775(247) K R K  
2840(311) E D E  
3059(531) R K R  
3088(560) D D N  
3181(653) S F F  
3247(719) T T I  
3259(731) T V T  
3405(877) S A S  
3427(899) L L F  
Total changes       42(18):89(38):77(34

*WNV, West Nile virus; NY, New York; NSW, New South Wales; C, core; NS, nonstructural; PrM, precursor membrane; E, envelope.
†No. aa differences (nonconservative changes in parentheses) for WNVKUN vs. WNVNSW2011:WNVNY99 vs. WNVNSW2011:WNVKUN vs. WNVNY99.

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1These authors contributed equally to the major technical aspects of this research.

2These authors served as joint senior authors.