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Volume 18, Number 7—July 2012


Role of Birds in Dispersal of Etiologic Agents of Tick-borne Zoonoses, Spain, 2009

Ana M. Palomar, Paula Santibáñez, David Mazuelas, Lidia Roncero, Sonia Santibáñez, Aránzazu Portillo, and José A. OteoComments to Author 
Author affiliations: Hospital San Pedro–Centro de Investigación Biomédica de La Rioja, Logroño, Spain (A.M. Palomar, P. Santibáñez, S. Santibáñez, A. Portillo, J.A. Oteo); and Environment Resources Inc., Logroño (D. Mazuelas, L. Roncero)

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Table 2

Anaplasma phagocytophilum, Borrelia burgdorferi s.l., and Rickettsia spp. detected in ticks removed from birds, Spain, 2009

Bacteria Tick
Bird species (no. specimens) Gene targets
Species Stage
A. phagocytophilum Ixodes ricinus 1 L Turdus merula (1) msp
B. garinii I. ricinus 4 L, 2 N T. merula (9) flaB, 5–23S is
3 L, 4 N flaB or 5–23S is
1 L Erithacus rubecula (1) flaB
1 L T. philomelos (1) flaB, 5–23S is
1 L Troglodytes troglodytes (1) flaB, 5–23S is
I. frontalis 1 F T. philomelos (1) flaB, 5–23S is
Ixodes spp. 1 L E. rubecula (1) 5–23S is
Haemaphysalis punctata 1 L T. merula (1) flaB, 5–23S is
B. valaisiana Ixodes spp. 1 L T. merula (1) flaB, 5–23S is
I. ricinus 1 L, 1 N T. merula (3) flaB, 5–23S is
2 L flaB
1 L, 1 N T. philomelos (2) flaB, 5–23S is
1 L E. rubecula (1) flaB, 5–23S is
1 L Garrulus glandarius (1) flaB
B. turdi I. frontalis 1 F T. merula (1) flaB, 5–23S is
R. monacensis I. ricinus 1 N Sylvia atricapilla (1) ompA
R. helvetica I. ricinus 1 N G. glandarius (1) gltA
R. sibirica sibirica I. ricinus 1 L S. atricapilla (1) ompA
Rickettsia spp.† I. ricinus 1 N, 1 L T. philomelos (1) ompB or gltA
I. ricinus 4 L E. rubecula (4) ompB or gltA
2 N T. merula (2) gltA
1 L Tr. troglodytes (1) gltA
Candidatus Rickettsia vini I. abroricola 20 N Cyanistes caeruleus (1) ompA, ompB, gltA
5 L Parus major (1) ompA, ompB, gltA
I. ricinus 2 L E. rubecula (2) ompA, ompB, gltA

*L, larva; msp, p44 major surface protein gene; N, nymph; flaB, flagellin gene; 5S-23S is, 5S-23S rRNA intergenic spacer; ompB, 120-kDa genus common antigen gene; ompA, 190-kDa protein antigen gene; gltA, citrate synthase gene.
†Same identity with >1 validly published Rickettsia species.

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