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Volume 19, Number 9—September 2013


Antigenic and Molecular Characterization of Avian Influenza A(H9N2) Viruses, Bangladesh

Karthik Shanmuganatham, Mohammed M. Feeroz, Lisa Jones-Engel, Gavin J.D. Smith, Mathieu Fourment, David Walker, Laura McClenaghan, S.M. Rabiul Alam, M. Kamrul Hasan, Patrick Seiler, John Franks, Angie Danner, Subrata Barman, Pamela McKenzie, Scott Krauss, Richard J. Webby, and Robert G. WebsterComments to Author 
Author affiliations: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee, USA (K. Shanmuganatham, D. Walker, L. McClenaghan, P. Seiler, J. Franks, A. Danner, S. Barman, P. McKenzie, S. Krauss, R.J. Webby, R.G. Webster); Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka, Bangladesh (M.M. Feeroz, S.M.R. Alam, M.K. Hasan); University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA (L. Jones-Engel); Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, Singapore (G.J.D. Smith, M. Fourment); Duke Global Health Institute, Durham, North Carolina, USA (G.J.D. Smith)

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Table 2

Avian influenza A(H9N2) virus isolates from animals in live bird markets, Bangladesh, 2008–2011*

Isolate Host common name Sample type Mixtures†
A/Env/BD/907/2009 (quail) Quail F NDV
A/Env/BD/1041/2009 (duck) Duck F H5
A/Dk/BD/1231/2009 Duck OP H5
A/Ck/BD/2075/2009 Chicken OP H5
A/Pigeon/BD/4303/2009 Pigeon OP NDV
A/Env/BD/5144/2009 (quail) Quail F H5
A/Ck/BD/5209/2009 Chicken OP NDV
A/Env/BD/5745/2010 (duck) Duck F H5
A/Env/BD/8202/2010 (chicken) Chicken F
A/Ck/BD/8411/2010 Chicken OP
A/Ck/BD/8413/2010 Chicken OP
A/Ck/BD/8415/2010 Chicken OP
A/Env/BD/8463/2010 (chicken) Chicken W
A/Env/BD/8465/2010 (chicken) Chicken W
A/Ck/BD/8725/2010 Chicken OP
A/Ck/BD/8731/2010 Chicken OP
A/Ck/BD/8996/2010 Chicken C NDV
A/Ck/BD/9029/2010 Chicken OP NDV
A/Env/BD/9306/2010 (parrot) Parrot F NDV
A/Ck/BD/9334/2010 Chicken OP
A/Env/BD/9350/2010 (chicken) Chicken W NDV
A/Env/BD/9457/2010 (chicken) Chicken F
A/Env/BD/10234/2011 (chicken) Chicken W
A/Env/BD/10306/2011 (quail) Quail F NDV
A/Env/BD/10307/2011 (quail) Quail F NDV
A/Env/BD/10313/2011 (quail) Quail F
A/Env/BD/10316/2011 Quail F
A/Ck/BD/10401/2011 Chicken OP
A/Ck/BD/10411/2011 Chicken OP
A/Ck/BD/10450/2011 Chicken C NDV
A/Ck/BD/10897/2011 Chicken OP
A/Ck/BD/11154/2011 Chicken C NDV
A/Env/BD/11173/2011 (chicken) Chicken F
A/Ck/BD/11309/2011 Chicken OP
A/Ck/BD/11315/2011 Chicken OP
A/Env/BD/11597/2011 (chicken) Chicken W
A/Env/BD/12068/2011 (pigeon) Pigeon F NDV
A/Env/BD/12077/2011 (turkey) Turkey F NDV
A/Env/BD/12093/2011 (quail) Quail F
A/Env/BD/12103/2011 (quail) Quail F
A/Env/BD/12116/2011 (quail) Quail F
A/Env/BD/12119/2011 (quail) Quail F
A/Ck/BD/13916/2011 Chicken OP H5
A/Ck/BD/13962/2011 Chicken OP H5

*F, fecal; NDV, Newcastle disease virus; OP, oropharyngeal; W, water; C, cloacal.
†Some hosts infected with influenza (H9N2) viruses were co-infected with H5N1 or NDV; thus, mixtures of isolates were obtained from some birds. Species in parentheses indicate that the samples were collected from the cages where these particular birds were caged.

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