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Volume 20, Number 9—September 2014

Genetic Variation among African Swine Fever Genotype II Viruses, Eastern and Central Europe

Carmina GallardoComments to Author , Jovita Fernández-Pinero, Virginia Pelayo, Ismail Gazaev, Iwona Markowska-Daniel, Gediminas Pridotkas, Raquel Nieto, Paloma Fernández-Pacheco, Svetlana Bokhan, Oleg Nevolko, Zhanna Drozhzhe, Covadonga Pérez, Alejandro Soler, Denis Kolvasov, and Marisa Arias
Author affiliations: Centro de Investigación en Sanidad Animal (CISA-INIA), Madrid, Spain (C. Gallardo, J. Fernández-Pinero, V. Pelayo, R. Nieto, P. Fernández-Pacheco, C. Pérez, A. Soler, M. Arias); National Institute of Veterinary Virology and Microbiology, Pokrov, Russia (I. Gazaev, D. Kolvasov); National Veterinary Research Institute, Pulawy, Poland (I. Markowska-Daniel); National Food and Veterinary Risk Assessment Institute, Vilnius, Lithuania (G. Pridotkas); Belarusian State Veterinary Centre, Minsk, Belarus (S. Bokhan); State Research Institute of Laboratory Diagnostic and Veterinary Sanitary Expertise, Kiev, Ukraine (O. Nevolko, Z. Drozhzhe)

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African swine fever virus isolates from eastern Europe selected for a study of the genetic variation among genotype II viruses in eastern and central Europe, 2007–2014*

Isolate Source country, area Host Onset of outbreak GenBank accession no.
p72 gene P54 gene CVR
Abk07 Georgia, Abkhazia Republic, Gulripish DP 2007 Jul 04 JX857509 JX857495 JX857523
Arm07 Armenia, Dilijan DP 2007 Aug 07 JX857508 JX857494 JX857522
Che07 Russia, Chechnya Republic, Shatoysky EWB 2007 Dec 04 JX857510 JX857496 JX857524
Az08D Azerbaijan, Qebele District DP 2008 Jan 22 JX857515 JX857501 JX857529
Az08B Azerbaijan, Qebele District DP 2008 Jan 22 JX857516 JX857502 JX857530
Ing08 Russia, Ingushetia Republic, Sunzhensky EWB 2008 Jul 21 JX857511 JX857497 JX857525
Oren08 Russia, Orenburg Oblast, Chernorechye DP 2008 Jul 10 JX857512 JX857498 JX857526
NO08/Av Russia, Republic of North Osetia, Vladikawkaz DP 2008 Jul 18 JX857513 JX857499 JX857527
NO08/Ap Russia, Republic of North Osetia, Prigorodni DP 2008 Jul 21 JX857514 JX857500 JX857528
Dagestan09 Russia, Dagestan Republic, Tarumovsky, District EWB 2009 Sep 11 JX857517 JX857503 JX857531
StPet09 Russia, Leningradskaya Oblast, Kirovsky DP 2009 Oct 01 JX857520 JX857506 JX857534
Kalmykia09 Russia, Republic of Kalmykia, Yashaltinsky district DP 2009 Oct 10 JX857519 JX857505 JX857533
Rostov09 Russia, Rostov Oblast, Krasnosulinsky District DP 2009 Oct 20 JX857518 JX857504 JX857532
Tver0511/Torjo Russia, Tver Oblast, Torjo DP 2011 May 31 KJ627208 KJ627186 KJ627197
Tver0312/Novo Russia, Novozavidovskii, Tver region DP 2012 Mar 14 KJ627212 KJ627190 KJ627201
Tver0312/Torjo Russia, Torjo, Tver region EWB 2012 Mar 28 KJ627211 KJ627189 KJ627200
Tver0712/Les Russia, Lesnoi, Tver region DP 2012 Jul 16 KJ627210 KJ627188 KJ627199
Ukr12/Zapo Ukraine, Zaporozhye region DP 2012 Jul 30 JX857521 JX857507 JX857535
Tver0812/Bolo Russia, Bologovskii, Tver region EWB 2012 Aug 15 KJ627209 KJ627187 KJ627198
Tver1112/Zavi Russia, Zavidovo, Tver region EWB 2012 Nov 20 KJ627214 KJ627191 KJ627202
Bel13/Grodno Belarus, Grodno region, Lelyukinskiy District of Ivye DP 2013 Jun 19 KJ627215 KJ627192 KJ627203
LT14/1490 Lithuania, Šalčininkai District Municipality EWB 2014 Jan 21 KJ627216 KJ627193 KJ627204
LT14/1482 Lithuania, Alytus County, Varėna District Municipality EWB 2014 Jan 21 KJ627217 KJ627194 KJ627205
Pol14/Sz Poland, Szudzialowo, Sokolka County, Podlaskie Province EWB 2014 Feb 14 KJ627218 KJ627195 KJ627206
Pol14/Krus Poland, Kruszyniany, Sokolka County, Podlaskie Province EWB 2014 Feb 17 KJ627219 KJ627196 KJ627207

*CRV, central variable region; DP, domestic pig; EWB, European wild boars.

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