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Volume 21, Number 8—August 2015

Estimates of Outbreak Risk from New Introductions of Ebola with Immediate and Delayed Transmission Control

Damon J.A. TothComments to Author , Adi V. Gundlapalli, Karim Khader, Warren B.P. Pettey, Michael Rubin, Frederick R. Adler, and Matthew H. Samore
Author affiliations: University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA (D.J.A. Toth, A.V. Gundlapalli, K. Khader, W.B.P. Pettey, M.A. Rubin, F.R. Adler, M.H. Samore); US Department of Veterans Affairs Salt Lake City Health Care System, Salt Lake City (D.J.A. Toth, A.V. Gundlapalli, K. Khader, W.B.P. Pettey, M.A. Rubin, M.H. Samore).

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Table 1

Characteristics of Ebola case-patients reported outside Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia*

Case-patients Year and month Country Circumstance of infection No. transmissions
1 2014 Jul Nigeria Imported by traveler 13
2–4 2014 Jul–Aug Nigeria Locally acquired 1
5–19 2014 Jul–Aug Nigeria Locally acquired 0
20 2014/Aug Nigeria Locally acquired 3
21–23 2014/Aug Spain, United Kingdom, Germany Evacuated 0
24 2014/Aug Senegal Imported by traveler 0
25–27 2014/Aug–Sep United States Evacuated 0
28 2014/Sep France Evacuated 0
29 2014/Sep United States Imported by traveler 2
30 2014/Sep Spain Evacuated 1
31–32 2014/Oct United States Locally acquired 0
33 2014/Oct Spain Locally acquired 0
34–35 2014/Oct Germany Evacuated 0
36 2014/Oct Norway Evacuated 0
37 2014/Oct United States Imported by traveler 0
38 2014/Oct Mali Imported by traveler 0
39–40 2014/Oct–Nov United States Evacuated 0
41 2014/Nov France Evacuated 0
42 2014/Nov Mali Imported by traveler 5
43–44 2014/Nov Mali Locally acquired 1
45–49 2014/Nov Mali Locally acquired 0
50–52 2014/Nov United States, Switzerland, Italy Evacuated 0
53 2014/Dec The Netherlands Evacuated 0
54 2014/Dec United Kingdom Imported by traveler 0
55–56 2015/Mar United Kingdom, United States Evacuated 0

*These data are published and publicly available as of April 24, 2015. Month/year is when patients were transferred or diagnosed. References by country: Nigeria (5,6); Spain (15,16); United Kingdom (14,15); Senegal (12);United States (7,8,13,15); Mali (911); other countries (15).

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