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Volume 24, Number 12—December 2018

Terrestrial Bird Migration and West Nile Virus Circulation, United States

Daniele Swetnam, Steven G. Widen, Thomas G. Wood, Martin Reyna, Lauren Wilkerson, Mustapha Debboun, Dreda A. Symonds, Daniel G. Mead, Barry J. Beaty, Hilda Guzman, Robert B. Tesh, and Alan D.T. BarrettComments to Author 
Author affiliations: University of California at Davis, Davis, California, USA (D. Swetnam); University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas, USA (D. Swetnam, S.G. Widen, T.G. Wood, H. Guzman, R.B. Tesh, A.D.T. Barrett); Harris County Public Health, Houston, Texas, USA (M. Reyna, L. Wilkerson, M. Debboun); Chesapeake Mosquito Control Commission, Chesapeake, Virginia, USA (D.A. Symonds); University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, USA (D.G. Mead); Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA (B.J. Beaty)

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Table 1

Summary of isolates sequenced in study of terrestrial bird migration and West Nile virus circulation, United States

Isolate Phylogeny code GenBank accession no. State Year
Laco_3008 CO03C MH170226 CO 2003
AIDL-M-015 CO03D MH170228 CO 2003
LACO-3041 CO03E MH170231 CO 2003
Laco_3038 CO03F MH170234 CO 2003
AIDL-M-012 CO03G MH170237 CO 2003
Laco_3020 CO03H MH170238 CO 2003
Laco_3022 CO03I MH170254 CO 2003
laco_3030 CO03J MH170256 CO 2003
CO1862 CO04E MH170227 CO 2004
CO_2572 CO04F MH170246 CO 2004
DB_4218 CO04G MH170248 CO 2004
DB_4217 CO04H MH170233 CO 2004
CO_06–7390 CO06A MH170229 CO 2006
CO_06–608 CO06B MH170232 CO 2006
CO_06–10725 CO06C MH170235 CO 2006
CO_07–11032 CO06D MH170236 CO 2006
CO_06–10723 CO06E MH170239 CO 2006
CO_06–584 CO06F MH170243 CO 2006
CO_06–10716 CO06G MH170249 CO 2006
CO_07–8779 CO07C MH170230 CO 2007
CO_07–10970 CO07D MH170241 CO 2007
GT_02566 CO07E MH170242 CO 2007
CO_07–8778 CO07F MH170244 CO 2007
CO_07–11027 CO07G MH170251 CO 2007
CO_07–9340 CO07H MH170252 CO 2007
CO_08–13382 CO08A MH170240 CO 2008
CO_08–13386 CO08B MH170245 CO 2008
CO-13363 CO08C MH170247 CO 2008
CO_08–13401 CO08D MH170250 CO 2008
CO_08–13787 CO08E MH170253 CO 2008
CO_08–13410 CO08F MH170255 CO 2008
DES_566–01 GA01C MH170263 GA 2001
DES_107–01 GA01D MH170273 GA 2001
DES_1476–01 GA01E MH170276 GA 2001
DES_1191–02 GA02C MH170274 GA 2002
DES_160–02 GA02D MH170275 GA 2002
DES_1201–02 GA02E MH170264 GA 2002
GA_04–230 GA04A MH170270 GA 2004
GA_Chc_04–1485 GA04B MH170265 GA 2004
GA_05–179 GA05A MH170269 GA 2005
GA_lwn_50_4936 GA05B MH170257 GA 2005
M07–069 GA07A MH170272 GA 2007
M07–087 GA07B MH170258 GA 2007
M07–086 GA07C MH170266 GA 2007
DES_07–53 GA07D MH170267 GA 2007
DES_07–62 GA07E MH170268 GA 2007
DKB_08–0403 GA08A MH170261 GA 2008
DBK_08–0491 GA08B MH170271 GA 2008
FNT_09–199 GA09A MH170259 GA 2009
Lwn_09–846 GA09B MH170262 GA 2009
FNT_09–144 GA09C MH170260 GA 2009
VA_AV_321–00 VA00A MH166882 VA 2000
VA_AV_593 VA00B MH166904 VA 2000
VA_AV_380 VA00C MH166903 VA 2000
VA_AV_573–00 VA00D MH166901 VA 2000
VA_TC_2535–01 VA01A MH166886 VA 2001
VA_B_037–02 VA02A MH166883 VA 2002
VA_BD_37 VA02B MH166905 VA 2002
VA_TC_1500 VA02C MH166887 VA 2002
VA_TC_1500–02 VA02D MH166899 VA 2002
VA_TC_2076 VA02E MH166911 VA 2002
VA_TC_2147 VA02F MH166915 VA 2002
VA_TC_2790–03 VA03C MH166906 VA 2003
VA_TC_4043 VA03D MH166900 VA 2003
VA_TC_3278 VA03E MH166912 VA 2003
VA_1909–04 VA04A MH166884 VA 2004
VA_TC_1597 VA04B MH166919 VA 2004
VA_TC_1155 VA04C MH166913 VA 2004
VA_TC_1272 VA04D MH166917 VA 2004
VA_P_3321–05 VA05A MH166888 VA 2005
VA_P_4209 VA05B MH166895 VA 2005
VA_SN_3082–05 VA05C MH166908 VA 2005
VA_P_4485–06 VA06A MH166889 VA 2006
VA_P_4770–06 VA06B MH166907 VA 2006
VA_SP_5645–06 VA06C MH166890 VA 2006
VA_TC_4177 VA06D MH166910 VA 2006
VA_1660 VA07A MH166891 VA 2007
VA_2327 VA07B MH166894 VA 2007
VA_TC_1368–08 VA08A MH166898 VA 2008
VA_SP_1202–08 VA08B MH166892 VA 2008
VA_TC_2045–08 VA08C MH166921 VA 2008
VA_TC_1732–08 VA08D MH166918 VA 2008
VA_3920 VA09A MH166885 VA 2009
VA_SN_3222–09 VA09B MH166909 VA 2009
VA_SN_5859–09 VA09C MH166896 VA 2009
VA_TC_1732–09 VA09D MH166920 VA 2009
VA_SN_4826–09 VA09E MH166914 VA 2009
VA_2191 VA10A MH166902 VA 2010
VA_TC_1117–10 VA10B MH166897 VA 2010
VA_TC_2020–10 VA10C MH166893 VA 2010
VA_TC_1184–10 VA10D MH166916 VA 2010

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