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Volume 24, Number 5—May 2018

Epidemic Dynamics of Vibrio parahaemolyticus Illness in a Hotspot of Disease Emergence, Galicia, Spain

Jaime Martinez-UrtazaComments to Author , Joaquin Trinanes, Michel Abanto, Antonio Lozano-Leon, Jose Llovo-Taboada, Marta Garcia-Campello, Anxela Pousa, Andy Powell, Craig Baker-Austin, and Narjol Gonzalez-Escalona
Author affiliations: Centre for Environment Fisherie,s and Aquaculture Science, Weymouth, Dorset, UK (J. Martinez-Urtaza, A. Powell, C. Baker-Austin); Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, Santiago de Compostela, Spain (J. Trinanes); National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory, Miami, Florida, USA (J. Trinanes); University of Miami, Miami (J. Trinanes); University of La Frontera, Temuco, Chile (M. Abanto); Laboratory ASMECRUZ, Bueu, Spain (A. Lozano-Leon); Hospital Clínico Universitario de Santiago de Compostela, Santiago de Compostela (J. Llovo-Taboada); Complexo Hospitalario de Pontevedra, Pontevedra, Spain (M. Garcia-Campello); Direccion Xeral de Innovación e Xestión da Saúde Pública, Consellería de Sanidade, Xunta de Galicia, Galicia, Spain (A. Pousa, A. Powell); US Food and Drug Administration, College Park, Maryland, USA (N. Gonzalez-Escalona)

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Characteristics of Vibrio parahaemolyticus strains sequenced and analyzed for study of epidemic dynamics, 1998–2016*

Strain CFSAN no. Year Source ST tdh trh Accession no.† Reference
Strains identified in Spain
30824 CFSAN018753 1999 Clinical ST17 + LHAV00000000 (6)
428–00 CFSAN018752 1998 Clinical ST17 + LHAU00000000 (6)
9808–1 CFSAN018754 2004 Clinical ST3 + LHAW00000000 (8)
118 CFSAN045068 2015 Clinical ST1031 + SRR5163839 This study
119 CFSAN045069 2015 Clinical ST1031 + SRR5163836 This study
113477 CFSAN045070 2015 Clinical ST327 + SRR5163834 This study
AMC 317 CFSAN056086 2016 Clinical ST3 + SRR5163849 This study
AMC 325 CFSAN056088 2016 Clinical ST1031 + SRR5163835 This study
G25 CFSAN022330 2012 Clinical ST36 + + LHRR00000000 This study
G30 CFSAN022331 2012 Clinical ST36 + + LHRS00000000 This study
G31 CFSAN022332 2012 Clinical ST36 + + LHRT00000000 This study
G32 CFSAN022337 2012 Clinical ST1032 + SRR5163840 This study
G33 CFSAN022333 2012 Clinical ST1031 + SRR5163848 This study
G35 CFSAN022336 2012 Clinical ST36 + + LHRW00000000 This study
G36 CFSAN022335 2012 Clinical ST36 + + LHRV00000000 This study
G37 CFSAN022334 2012 Clinical ST36 + + LHRU00000000 This study
N310 CFSAN053627 2016 Clinical ST327 + SRR5163837 This study
N314 CFSAN053626 2016 Clinical ST3 + SRR5163842 This study
OAG100 CFSAN025076 2007 Shellfish ST1121 + + SRR5163838 This study
OAG95 CFSAN025079 2007 Shellfish NA + SRS1912582 This study
OAG99 CFSAN025078 2007 Shellfish ST1121 + + SRS1912583 This study
OJL90 CFSAN029659 2007 Shellfish ST331 + SRR5163850 This study
PH157 CFSAN025074 2006 Zooplankton ST331 NA NA SRR5163833 This study
PQ110 CFSAN029660 2006 Zooplankton ST79 + SRR5163846 This study
PY194 CFSAN025072 2007 Zooplankton ST199 + + SRR5163847 This study
PY233 CFSAN025077 2006 Zooplankton ST169 SRS1912575 This study
PY350 CFSAN025073 2006 Zooplankton ST1032 + SRR5163841 This study
PY452 CFSAN025075 2007 Zooplankton ST1032 + SRS1912576 This study
PY456 CFSAN025071 2006 Zooplankton ST1032 + SRR5163847 This study
UCM-V441 CFSAN018755 2002 Shellfish ST52 LHAX00000000 This study
UCM-V493 NA 2002 Sediment ST471 CP007005, CP007004 This study

This study
Strains identified in the United Kingdom
14-1072-D-VP CFSAN029647 2014 Shellfish ST1159 + SRR5639920 This study
14-1073-H-VP CFSAN029643 2014 Shellfish ST1159 + SRR5639916 This study
14-1498-F-VP CFSAN029646 2014 Shellfish ST1158 + SRR5639919 This study
14-1499-VP CFSAN029645 2014 Shellfish ST1157 + + SRR5639914 This study
14-559-B-VP CFSAN029644 2014 Shellfish ST1159 + SRR5639913 This study
14-692-A-1-VP CFSAN029642 2014 Shellfish ST1159 + SRR5639915 This study
V12-024 CFSAN029651 2014 Clinical ST3 + SRR5639912 This study
V05-002 CFSAN029650 1972 Clinical ST331 + SRR5639911 This study
V06-002 CFSAN029649 1980 Clinical ST17 + SRR5639918 This study
F3305-VP CFSAN029648 2005 Clinical ST262 + SRR5639917 This study

*CFSAN, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition; NA, not applicable; SRA, Sequence Read Archive; ST, sequence type; +, positive; –, negative.
†National Center for Biotechnology Information Assembly or Sequence Read Archive database.

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