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Volume 7, Number 6—December 2001


Advanced Age a Risk Factor for Illness Temporally Associated with Yellow Fever Vaccination

Michael Martin*†, Leisa H. Weld*, Theodore F. Tsai*, Gina T. Mootrey*, Robert T. Chen*, Manette Niu‡, Martin S. Cetron*, and the GeoSentinel Yellow Fever Working Group
Author affiliations: *Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA;; †Emory School of Medicine, Atlanta, Georgia, USA;; ‡Center for Biologic Evaluation, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Rockville, Maryland, USA

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Table 3

Reporting rates (RR) and reporting rate ratios (RRR) for serious systemic yellow fever (YF) vaccine adverse events (SyAE*) by age, 1990-1998

Age Years No. vaccine doses No. of OAE*a OAE* reported/
100,000 doses RRR (95% CI) #SyAE*b SyAE* reported/
100,000 doses RRR (95% CI)
15-24 189,991 12 6.32 1.8 (0.9-3.5) 2 1.05 3.7 (0.5-26)
25-44 702,783 25 3.56 Reference 2 0.29 Reference
45-64 442,605 15 3.39 1.0 (0.5-1.8) 5 1.13 4.0 (0.8-20)
65-74 86,222 3 3.48 1.0 (0.3-3.2) 3 3.48 12.3 (2.0-73)
>75 22,085 2 9.06 2.5 (0.6-10.7) 2 9.06 32 (4.5-226)
Total 1,443,686 57 3.95 14 0.97

aOAE*= other adverse events (i.e., uncomplicated neurologic or systemic event; hypersensitivity; local reaction) OR systemic adverse events not requiring hospitalization or resulting in death.
bSyAE* = serious systemic adverse events, including only neurologic or multisystemic adverse events requiring hospitalization or resulting in death; this is distinguished from the term SyAE, which indicates all systemic adverse events (See Table 2).
CI = confidence intervals.

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1Jeff Altman, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington; Vernon Ansdell, Kaiser Permanente, Honolulu, Hawaii; Elizabeth Barnett, Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts; Michele Barry Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut; Bradley Connor, Cornell University, New York, New York; David Freedman, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, Alabama; Alejandra Gurtman, Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, New York; Elaine Jong, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington; Phyllis Kozarsky, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia; Russell McMullen, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington; Jan Patterson, University of Texas, San Antonio, Texas; Bradley Sack, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland; Mary E. Wilson, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts; Martin Wolfe, Traveler's Medical Service of Washington, Washington, D.C.