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Volume 11, Number 8—August 2005

Coxiella burnetii Genotyping

Olga Glazunova*1, Véronique Roux*1, Olga Freylikman*†, Zuzana Sekeyova*‡, Ghislain Fournous*, Judith Tyczka§, Nikolai Tokarevich†, Elena Kovacova‡, Thomas J. Marrie¶, and Didier Raoult*Comments to Author 
Author affiliations: *Unité des Rickettsies, Marseille, France; †Pasteur Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, Saint Petersburg, Russia; ‡Institute of Virology SAS, Bratislava, Slovak Republic; §University of Giessen, Giessen, Germany; ¶University of Alberta Department of Medicine, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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Table A3

Accession numbers of nucleotide sequences deposited in GenBank

Cox 2 Cox 5 Cox 18 Cox 20 Cox 22 Cox 37 Cox 51 Cox 56 Cox 57 Cox 61
ST1 (CB26) AY492067 AY495357 AY502819 AY502857 AY502899 AY502623 AY502735 AY502777 AY502674 AY512785
ST2 (CB39) AY574327 AY574328 AY574329 AY574330 AY574331 AY574332 AY574333 AY574334 AY574335 AY574336
ST3 (CB118) AY574337 AY574338 AY574339 AY574340 AY574341 AY574342 AY574343 AY574344 AY574345 AY574346
ST4 (CB20) AY492065 AY495355 AY502817 AY502855 AY502897 AY502621 AY502733 AY502775 AY502673 AY512784
ST5 (CB35) AY494735 AY495360 AY502822 AY502860 AY502902 AY502626 AY502738 AY502780 AY502677 AY512788
ST6 (CB45) AY494734 AY502720 AY502841 AY502881 AY502921 AY502645 AY502761 AY502801 AY502709 AY512819
ST7 (CB43) AY574307 AY574308 AY574309 AY574310 AY574311 AY574312 AY574313 AY574314 AY574315 AY574316
ST8 (Priscilla) AY596174 AY502715 AY502837 AY502875 AY502883 AY502642 AY502752 AY502797 AY502681 AY596175
ST9 (CB68) AY494733 AY502721 AY502842 AY502882 AY502922 AY502646 AY502762 AY502802 AY502710 AY512820
ST10 (CB103) AY492058 AY495348 AY502810 AY502850 AY502890 AY502613 AY502728 AY502770 AY502688 AY512805
ST11 (CB13) AY575668 AY575669 AY575670 AY575671 AY575672 AY575673 AY575674 AY575675 AY575676 AY575677
ST12 (CB33) AY492069 AY495359 AY502821 AY502859 AY502901 AY502625 AY502737 AY502779 AY502676 AY512787
ST13 (CB2) AY575653 AY575654 AY575655 AY575656 AY575657 AY575658 AY575659 AY575660 AY575661 AY575662
ST14 (CB85) AY575643 AY575644 AY575645 AY575646 AY575647 AY575648 AY575649 AY575650 AY575651 AY575652
ST15 (CB102) AY492057 AY495347 AY502809 AY502849 AY502889 AY502612 AY502755 AY502769 AY502687 AY512794
ST16 (Ohio) AY494725 AY502712 AY502834 AY502872 AY502916 AY502640 AY502748 AY502794 AY502707 AY512816
ST17 (CB77) AY574325 AY574326 AY574317 AY574318 AY574319 AY574320 AY574321 AY574322 AY574323 AY574324
ST18 (Henzerling) AY494723 AY495369 AY502832 AY502870 AY502914 AY502638 AY502746 AY502792 AY502701 AY512814
ST19 (CB119) AY575633 AY575634 AY575635 AY575636 AY575637 AY575638 AY575639 AY575640 AY575641 AY575642
ST20 (CB88) AY492072 AY502719 AY502825 AY502863 AY502905 AY502629 AY502759 AY502783 AY502696 AY512798
ST21 (Q212) AY494729 AY502716 AY502838 AY502876 AY502918 AY502643 AY502753 AY502798 AY502682 AY512793
ST22 (48) AY864229 AY864230 AY864231 AY864232 AY864233 AY864234 AY864235 AY864236 AY864237 AY864238
ST23 (Irkutsk) AY864239 AY864240 AY864241 AY864242 AY864243 AY864244 AY864245 AY864246 AY864247 AY864248
ST24 (8931 F10) AY864199 AY864200 AY864201 AY864202 AY864203 AY864204 AY864205 AY864206 AY864207 AY864208
ST25 (Grita) AY864209 AY864210 AY864211 AY864212 AY864213 AY864214 AY864215 AY864216 AY864217 AY864218
ST26 (Termez) AY864219 AY864220 AY864221 AY864222 AY864223 AY864224 AY864225 AY864226 AY864227 AY864228
ST27 (Z2534) AY864249 AY864250 AY864251 AY864252 AY864253 AY864254 AY864255 AY864256 AY864257 AY864258
ST28 (Kazakhstan-2) AY864259 AY864260 AY864261 AY864262 AY864263 AY864264 AY864265 AY864266 AY864267 AY864268
ST29 (Henzerling-r) AY864269 AY864270 AY864271 AY864272 AY864273 AY864274 AY864275 AY864276 AY864277 AY864278
ST30 (Namibia) AY864279 AY864280 AY864281 AY864282 AY864283 AY864284 AY864285 AY864286 AY864287 AY864288

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1Dr. Glazunova and Dr. Roux contributed equally to this work.

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