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Volume 23, Number 5—May 2017


Increased Neurotropic Threat from Burkholderia pseudomallei Strains with a B. mallei–like Variation in the bimA Motility Gene, Australia

Jodie L. MorrisComments to Author , Anne Fane, Derek Sarovich, Erin P. Price, Catherine M. Rush, Brenda L. Govan, Elizabeth Parker, Mark Mayo, Bart J. Currie, and Natkunam Ketheesan
Author affiliations: James Cook University, Townsville, Queensland, Australia (J.L. Morris, A. Fane, C.M. Rush, B.L. Govan, E. Parker, N. Ketheesan); Menzies School of Health Research, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia (D.S. Sarovich, E.P. Price, M. Mayo, B.J. Currie); Royal Darwin Hospital, Darwin (B.J. Currie)

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Clinical and patient characteristics and sequence type diversity of bimBm and bimBp Burkholderia pseudomallei isolates, Australia

Isolate no. Age, y/sex Risk factors Clinical presentation Outcome MLST genotype
MSHR62 23/M None Brainstem encephalitis Survived 148
MSHR435 37/M None Brainstem encephalitis Survived 126
MSHR543 22/F None Skin ulcer Survived 294
MSHR668 53/M None Diffuse encephalitis Survived 129
MSHR1153 59/M DBT Brainstem encephalitis Died 117
MSHR2138 49/F DBT Bacteremia Survived 456
Brainstem encephalitis
MSHR305 64/M ALC Encephalitis, myelitis Died 36
MSHR346 49/M ALC, COPD Pneumonia Survived 243
MSHR465 67/M DBT, COPD Pneumonia, septic shock Died 132
MSHR1655 61/F COPD Pneumonia Survived 131
MSHR3709 14/M None Brainstem encephalitis Survived 132
MSHR974* 16/F None Skin ulcer Survived 554
MSHR4237* 45/F None Pneumonia Survived 868
NCTC13179 54/M DBT Skin ulcer Survived 613

*Additional isolates included for internalization and persistence assays. ALC, hazardous alcohol use; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; DBT, diabetes; MLST, multilocus sequence typing.

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