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Volume 11, Number 3—March 2005

Rapid Identification of Emerging Pathogens: Coronavirus

Rangarajan Sampath*Comments to Author , Steven A. Hofstadler*, Lawrence B. Blyn*, Mark W. Eshoo*, Thomas A. Hall*, Christian Massire*, Harold M. Levene*, James C. Hannis*, Patina M. Harrell*, Benjamin Neuman†, Michael J. Buchmeier†, Yun Jiang*, Raymond Ranken*, Jared J. Drader*, Vivek Samant*, Richard H. Griffey*, John A. McNeil*, Stanley T. Crooke*, and David J. Ecker*
Author affiliations: *Ibis Therapeutics, Carlsbad, California, USA; †The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, California, USA

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Table 1

Coronaviruses used in the study and mass spectrometry results*

Group CoV species Strain Source Strand RdRp
Experiment determined masses (Da) Calculated base compositions Experiment determined masses (Da)† Calculated base compositions
Canine 1-71 VR809 S 27486.514 A24 G24 C8 T32 42475.955 A33 G31 C19 T54
AS 26936.574 A32 G8 C24 T24 42185.117 A54 G19 C31 T33
CCV-TN449 VR2068 S 27471.510 A24 G24 C9 T31 42474.899 A34 G30 C18 T55
AS 26952.548 A31 G9 C24 T24 42184.072 A55 G18 C30 T34
Feline WSU 79-1683 VR-989 S 27471.517 A24 G24 C9 T31 42490.945 A33 G31 C18 T55
AS 26952.556 A31 G9 C24 T24 42169.118 A55 G18 C31 T33
DF2 VR2004 S 27472.497 A23 G25 C10 T30 42450.904 A33 G30 C19 T55
AS 26953.536 A30 G10 C25 T23 42209.081 A55 G19 C30 T33
Human 229E
229E VR740 S 27450.532 A25 G24 C11 T28 42462.994 A36 G30 C20 T51
AS 26975.545 A28 G11 C24 T25 42198.061 A51 G20 C30 T36
S 27450.506 A25 G24 C11 T28 42462.930 A36 G30 C20 T51
A28 G11 C24 T25
A51 G20 C30 T36
Bovine Calf diarrheal virus VR874 S 27358.452 A22 G22 C12 T32 42606.039 A38 G32 C15 T52
AS 27066.586 A32 G12 C22 T22 42052.897 A52 G15 C32 T38
Human OC43 OC43 NHRC‡ S 27328.473 A22 G22 C14 T30 42580.959 A38 G31 C15 T53
AS 27098.562 A30 G14 C22 T22 42076.028 A53 G15 C31 T38
Murine hepatitis virus MHV1 VR261 S 27344.491 A21 G23 C14 T30 42602.022 A37 G34 C18 T48
AS 27083.564 A30 G14 C23 T21 42061.016 A48 G18 C34 T37
JHM-thermostable VR1426 S 27344.497 A21 G23 C14 T30 42529.960 A34 G34 C21 T48
AS 27083.571 A30 G14 C23 T21 42136.047 A48 G21 C34 T34
MHV-A59 VR764 S 27344.503 A21 G23 C14 T30 42599.989 A34 G35 C18 T50
AS 27083.572 A30 G14 C23 T21 42064.089 A50 G18 C35 T34
S 27344.491 A21 G23 C14 T30 42544.967 A34 G34 C20 T49
A30 G14 C23 T21
A49 G20 C34 T34
Infectious bronchitis virus
S 27396.544 A24 G24 C14 T26 42530.984 A33 G32 C17 T55
A26 G14 C24 T24
A55 G17 C32 T33
4 SARS TOR2 University of Manitoba§ S 27298.518 A27 G19 C14 T28 42519.906 A34 G33 C20 T50
AS 27125.542 A28 G14 C19 T27 42144.026 A50 G20 C33 T34
Urbani CDC¶ S 27298.518 A27 G19 C14 T28 42519.906 A34 G33 C20 T50
AS 27125.542 A28 G14 C19 T27 42144.026 A50 G20 C33 T34

*CoV, coronavirus; SARS, severe acute respiratory syndrome.
†Exact mass measurements for the sense and antisense strands of the dsDNA amplicon reported. Experimentally observed masses were within ±1ppm of expected masses, based on sequence data for each of the amplified DNA. Sense and antisense strand base compositions reported.
‡Clinical isolate obtained from Kathryn Holmes, University of Colorado, via Kevin Russell, Naval Health Research Center, San Diego.
§Obtained from Heinz Feldmann, University of Manitoba.
¶Obtained from Dean Erdman, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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